More Than Headless

Accelerate Headless Builds by up to 50%

The Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit empowers you to combine the power of Drupal as your backend with the flexibility of the frontend of your choosing


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Omnichannel Content Delivery

Deliver a brand consistent digital experience to your customers across any number of current or emerging digital channels.

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Deliver Incredible Digital Experiences Across Touchpoints

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Deliver Accurate and Brand Consistent Content

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Stay Ahead of Technology Changes

API-First Approach, Become Future Ready

Deliver content via API endpoints to extend the longevity of your content and accelerate time to market.


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Drupal-Powered Backend, Frontend Of Your Choosing

Leverage the components of Drupal most important to your organization and embrace the flexibility of any modern frontend framework your team desires: rebuild your frontend without having to rebuild your entire backend.

Accelerate the Build of Frontend Apps with Next.JS

Leverage Acquia’s Next.JS Starter Kit as an accelerated starting point to build a modern frontend framework.

Explore Next.JS

Content Manager
Content Preview
Users can preview content through their Next.js application from inside the CMS.
Structured Data
Omnichannel Publishing
Connect content to multiple frontends that communicate across multiple channels.
Content Workflows
Unlimited Roles and Content Types
Media Library
API Dashboard
A dedicated dashboard for frontend developers to manage all headless integration aspects with the CMS.
Next.JS Quick Start
Next.JS Starter Kit
Data Modeling
Revamped admin navigation brings all the data modeling controls under a single menu that makes sense in a purely headless CMS.

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