Open Source Drupal

How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

As brands look for ways to build compelling digital experiences, many are turning to the open source Drupal content management system. Widely recognized as one of the best platforms for building websites, applications and other digital properties, Drupal provides easy-to-use tools that enable developers, site builders and content authors to collaborate on creating increasingly ambitious digital experiences.

To enable brands to leverage the power of open source Drupal CMS capabilities, Acquia offers an open digital experience platform with a suite of solutions for building, managing and optimizing digital experiences and for personalizing, automating and orchestrating marketing campaigns.

Why open source is the future of CMS solutions

A CMS like the open source Drupal platform provides a number of advantages over closed, proprietary content management systems. With Drupal, digital teams can:

  • Connect data and marketing technologies more easily: Where proprietary systems are difficult to integrate, a CMS like the open source Drupal platform makes it easy to use open APIs and integrations to connect systems and eliminate data silos, enabling digital teams to leverage data to engage customers more effectively.
  • Deliver content to more channels and devices: As the digital era brings an ever-increasing number of ways to connect with customers, open source Drupal technology can be easily adapted and extended to serve content to a wide range of platforms, channels and devices.
  • Use the best tools for any job: With Drupal support for decoupled architecture, Drupal 8 development teams can use the open source Drupal CMS to organize content on the back-end while rendering front-end content with whatever tools are best suited for the job.
  • Innovate to keep pace with digital transformation: The open source Drupal community includes a large number of users and contributors who are constantly extending the platform, enabling Drupal to remain at the forefront of digital experiences while proprietary systems lag behind.
  • Reduce the cost of deploying digital properties: As an open source platform, Drupal requires no licensing fees, helping organizations to save hundreds of thousands of dollars that may be charged by proprietary systems.

Acquia: an open digital experience platform

Acquia is an open digital experience platform that is designed to help organizations get the most from their Drupal CMS deployment. As an open source company, Acquia brings together a suite of open source Drupal solutions that enable organizations to deliver exceptional Drupal enterprise websites and digital experiences more easily and to connect with customers more effectively.

Acquia was founded by Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal, to provide infrastructure, support and services to organizations using Drupal. Acquia solutions are designed to make it easier to scale Drupal sites, to use Drupal more easily and to leverage the power of the open source Drupal platform to enable ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter.

Solutions for open source Drupal development and marketing

The Acquia digital experience platform enables digital teams to:

Acquia also provides a Drupal 8 guide – an in-depth look at the new features provided in Drupal 8, written by developers at Acquia who are among the world’s foremost experts on the open source Drupal platform.

What can you do with Acquia and open source Drupal software?

Using Acquia to leverage the power of the open source Drupal framework, digital teams can:

  • Create compelling digital experiences: Acquia enables developers to take advantage of support for decoupled architecture to use Drupal as a back-end CMS while building front-end experiences with whatever tools are most ideal for creating the best user experience.
  • Build Drupal sites faster: Acquia enables developers, site builders, content authors and marketing teams to collaborate to bring Drupal-based experiences online more quickly.
  • Serve content to a broad array of digital channels: Leveraging open source Drupal APIs, Acquia makes it easy to deliver digital experiences to emerging channels, devices and platforms. 
  • Personalize experiences with ease: Acquia provides point-and-click personalization tools that make it easy for any member of the digital team to personalize content based on the interests and preferences of customers.
  • Collaborate with diverse teams: Acquia offers customizable workflows that deliver a common set of tools for building, managing and optimizing content.

FAQs: what is open source Drupal software?

What is open source Drupal software?

Drupal is an open source content management system that is widely used for building websites, applications and other digital experiences. As an open source framework, Drupal is supported by a worldwide community of developers, contributors and users who are continually extending the platform by adding modules, themes and distributions to provide even greater functionality for the open source Drupal platform.

What is Acquia?

Acquia is an open digital experience platform made for Drupal with tools that enable brands to more easily leverage the power of the Drupal platform to create best-in-class digital experiences and more compelling customer moments.

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