IDC: Headless, Hybrid, and Beyond: Demystifying the New Wave of Web Development Technology

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Learn the core considerations for investing in a CMS
  • See how organizations define key metrics around speed and agility for content creation and customer engagement 
  • Find a balance between content authoring and delivery across an organization
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In an IDC Spotlight report, Marci Maddox, Research Director, Digital Experience Strategies, looks at different ways IT and marketing organizations are supporting a multichannel world.

She explains that separating content creation from the publication process allows web teams to create dynamic and engaging customer experiences, while giving content authors the ability to create and update material quickly.

The report looks at the pros and cons of five approaches and the impact each has on the editor, developer, and IT owner. The five approaches considered are unified web content management (WCM) system, headless content management system (CMS), hybrid CMS, static site generator, and front-end development framework.

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