Managing Web Content

Not long ago, managing web content was a breeze. Your content management system (CMS) was only responsible for serving content to static webpages, and managing content creation, workflow, approvals and user access was straightforward.


Today, however, managing web content is anything but simple. Content management solutions are not only charged with managing web content but serving content to mobile apps, CRM systems, digital signage, virtual reality platforms, e-commerce sites, conversational UIs, IoT applications, smartwatches and many other platforms, as well as an ever-growing array of devices.

To meet this challenge, enterprises are seeking next-generation content management systems that can deliver the agility, speed and innovation required to keep pace with the evolution of the digital landscape. For these organizations, Acquia provides an open digital experience platform built on Drupal that makes managing web content easier while providing tools to build best-in-class digital experiences.

What to look for in a solution for managing web content

When choosing a system for managing web content today, there are a number of essential criteria you’ll need in a CMS. A superior solution will enable you to:

  • Share content and data to a wide variety of sites and devices without creating multiple versions of content.
  • Take an API-first approach to design, giving developers the flexibility for creating front-end experiences with any tools they choose.
  • Provide a central repository of content along with tools and common workflows that enable teams to collaborate on content easily.
  • Maintain content in an open, nonproprietary format, making it easier to share.
  • Enable content creators to access and maintain the site without needing help from IT.
  • Integrate your CMS easily with other systems, including CRM, e-commerce and marketing technology.
  • Support responsive and mobile-first design priorities.


Acquia makes managing web content simple

Acquia provides an open digital experience platform built on Drupal with a suite of solutions for managing web content, personalizing communications and building, managing and optimizing digital experiences. Acquia delivers cutting edge tools that let you build ambitious digital experiences, scaling easily as your needs grow and delivering the enterprise-grade security your visitors expect.



Acquia’s suite of solutions for managing web content allows you to:

  • Build and manage digital experiences with a fully managed Drupal hosting environment that combines robust developer tools with enterprise-grade security and world-class support.
  • Manage and update hundreds of Drupal websites, managing web content on a global scale.
  • Enable developers to build Drupal 8 websites faster.
  • Empower non-developers and marketing or other departments to build beautiful, compliant websites.
  • Achieve brand consistency with a central library and a cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) tool.
  • Provide a secure and flexible platform for content-rich experiential commerce.
  • Quickly and easily optimize and personalize customer experiences.
  • Listen to and learn from customers to craft a more personalized customer journey and trigger what customers see next.
  • Automate personalized communications across all digital properties and channels with the world’s only open marketing automation platform.
  • Achieve a unified view of overall communications and marketing automation management activities.

Superior tools for managing web content and building better experiences

Acquia provides a robust feature set for managing web content and building best-in-class digital experiences.

  • Cloud-native deployment: With your CMS deployed on Acquia’s content cloud management platform rather than your internal servers, your digital teams can focus on managing web content and building exceptional experiences, rather than worrying about configuring, maintaining and upgrading infrastructure. 
  • Open source technology: Built on an open source Drupal content management system, Acquia provides the flexibility and agility your digital teams require to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the digital landscape.
  • Personalization capabilities: Point-and-click functionality makes it easy for developers and marketers to personalize content for individual visitors across all channels.
  • Multichannel support: With Acquia, your teams can easily deliver content to a growing number of digital channels and devices.
  • Decoupled architecture: Support for Node.js runtime means developers can use a single platform to build both Drupal sites and decoupled Drupal or standalone applications, freeing front-end developers to use the tools of their choice to design best in class experiences for websites, smartphones, IoT apps, native mobile apps, kiosks and digital signage, CRM systems, chat platforms and many other interfaces.
  • Easy scalability: With Acquia, digital teams can build and manage hundreds of sites on a single platform.
  • Rapid deployment: Acquia’s out-of-the-box development tools and Dev-Stage-Prod environments allow developers to begin building sites within minutes.
  • Seamless collaboration: Acquia provides a common set of tools and customizable workflows that make it easier for diverse teams to collaborate on and share content.
  • Future-proofed platform: As an open source solution for managing web content, Acquia ensures that your CMS platform can adapt quickly and easily to new technologies, developments and business requirements.

Why choose Acquia? 

Acquia gives you the freedom to create extraordinary digital experiences based in Drupal and the cutting edge tools for managing web content to meet and exceed the expectations of your audiences. With unparalleled ability to deploy quickly and to manage content across multiple channels and devices, Acquia helps to drive engagement, interaction and conversion while streamlining administration and reducing costs. With Acquia, you get a powerful solution for managing web content that can be easily tailored to the specific needs and IT environment of your organization.

FAQs: Why is managing web content important

Why is managing web content important?

Content for websites, mobile apps and other digital experiences is critical to engaging customers and driving revenue. But managing web content has become increasingly complex and time-consuming as enterprises serve content to a rapidly growing number of sites and applications. Tools that make managing web content easier can help organizations to deliver content more effectively, productively and cost-efficiently.

What are the solutions for managing web content?

A content management system (CMS) or a web content management system (WCM) are software applications that make managing web content easier for both technical and non-technical users. These solutions provide a central place for storing and managing web content, allowing multiple users to create, edit, access and collaborate on content. A CMS or WCM also provides tools for workflow management, content scheduling and site maintenance, making managing web content much easier.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source platform for building and managing web content as well as content for a wide variety of other digital experiences. The Drupal content management system is highly scalable, secure, mobile-first and open source, with a large and supportive community of users and developers who are continually improving the platform. Millions of organizations and individuals around the world use Drupal for managing web content, simplifying collaboration and building better digital experiences.

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