Ultimate Guide to Drupal 10

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Why developers and marketers both choose Drupal 10
  • What's new in the latest release, Drupal 10.3
  • Getting started with Drupal 10, whether you're new to Drupal or using another version
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See What's New in Drupal 10

Upon its release on December 14, 2022, Drupal 10 continued to build upon the successes that have made Drupal the CMS of choice for ambitious site builders across the world. Drupal 10 includes all the best features and functionalities of Drupal 9 and remains highly secure, powerfully configurable, flexible, and integration-rich, enabling brands to express their unique visual identities in ways that set them apart from competitors. 

As the largest contributor to Drupal 10, Acquia is well-positioned to provide useful guidance for you and your team on why to choose Drupal, what's new in Drupal 10, and how to get started. So, we wrote the book on it. 

This guide explores Drupal's fanciest update yet. We'll look at everything that's new, explore some of the rationale behind these decisions, and how to upgrade to Drupal 10 if you’re using a previous version or where to begin if you're brand new to Drupal. We even take a peek at what's coming for the future of Drupal.

It all starts right here. Grab your copy today. 

The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 10

Updated on June 20, 2024 upon the release of Drupal 10.3


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