Can Your CMS Handle Success?

Learn about the best practices for choosing a content management system that meets the needs of higher education.
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CMS Selection Guide: Higher Education Edition.

OpenEDU - A Drupal 8 Distribution to Jumpstart Higher Education Websites

Today, we shop in the virtual world of storefronts, whether we’re pricing the options on a new car, comparing the attributes of a digital single lens reflex (dSlr) camera, or looking for a new home.

Shopping for a college or university is no different. Long before a student and his/her parents ever take a walk through the ivy walls of a storied campus, they have spent many hours online shopping campuses, cities versus rural locations, an institution’s noted majors, and aid packages.

In fact, the great digital experience offered by an institution of higher education may be the best chance a school has to attract a student who will be looking at many universities—maybe scores of universities. And that number is only rising.

This ebook provides some insights into the demands facing colleges and universities in this highly competitive landscape and into best practices for choosing a CMS that meets the rapidly changing digital needs of higher education.