8 Best Practices for Drupal 8 Development

From content models to preparing for migrations, developers can learn tricks of the trade for Drupal 8 with this guide compiled by Acquia’s experts.
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Drupal is one of the most flexible open source CMS frameworks you can build with. But with flexibility comes complexity.

So how do developers get up and running on Drupal 8 quickly?

Experts from Acquia’s Professional Services teams have worked on high-profile enterprise Drupal 8 sites and have put together eight best practices to navigate Drupal 8 development and architecture.

In this ebook, our experts will help developers learn how to take advantage of everything Drupal has to offer.

This guide covers:

  • Staying on Top of the Drupal Community
  • Documenting Your Content Model
  • Dealing with Your Dependencies
  • Automating Accessibility
  • Using Config Ignore When Building a Drupal Platform
  • Moving from PHPTemplate to Twig
  • Drupal 8’s Shift to Object-Oriented Programming
  • How to Prepare for Migrations

Download this ebook to learn Drupal development best practices from Acquia’s Professional Services experts.