Why a Headless CMS Benefits Your Digital Experience Strategy

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • The evolution of content management systems and the advantages of headless
  • The importance of maintaining consistent messaging across digital platforms
  • Why Drupal and Acquia are the top choice for your headless journey
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As more technologies hit the scene, 92% of marketers agree that it’s crucial to create and publish consistent content across all digital platforms. Producing content that consistently delivers unified digital experiences across every channel is pivotal to success in modern business. 

This infographic highlights how the headless CMS is the answer to building omnichannel digital experiences that resonate with customers regardless of where they are and what platforms they use. Explore the advantages of headless, why it makes sense as tech advances, and how Drupal and Acquia are formidable allies in the headless digital journey.

Infographic about the rise of headless CMS


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