Future Customer Journeys: How Customers Themselves Are Driving the Next Big Changes in E-commerce

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • The role of advanced tech in improving retail and e-commerce customer experience
  • The importance of automation in customer journey creation
  • The challenges retail and e-commerce organizations face with burgeoning technology development, data influx, and cross-channel inconsistencies
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Customer expectations have understandably evolved with technological advances. In the retail and e-commerce world, this is apparent on a constant basis. The number of new digital touchpoints people use to buy anything from paper towels to townhouses speaks to the diversity of customer journeys spread across digital channels. 

And, as we’ve all experienced, they range from violently frustrating to downright delightful. WBR Insights surveyed 100 multi-brand retailers in the United States and Canada to drill down on the technological and data nuances that enter into creating wonderful customer experiences. The report also chronicles the challenges that retail and e-commerce businesses cannot afford to ignore. A few key insights show: 

  • 81% emphasize the importance of digital customer journeys as driving factors in omnichannel customer experiences
  • 61% cite challenges in effectively understanding customer needs and preferences
  • 88% use a digital experience platform (DXP) to connect their digital ecosystem 


As personalized customer journeys and data-tailored experiences become status quo, organizations need to fit themselves with the tools to succeed in the face of fast-paced digital progress and higher customer expectations. 

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