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How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

The Drupal platform is one of the most powerful and popular frameworks for building websites, applications and other digital experiences. But as Drupal 8 development teams face increasing pressure to produce more sites more quickly, they need tools that can help to streamline workflows, accelerate development and bring open source Drupal sites online faster.

Acquia Lightning can help – with a preselected collection of curated modules, themes, libraries and an out-of-the-box configuration that provides an accelerated starting point for building sites on the Drupal platform.

Challenge: managing the breadth of the Drupal platform

The Drupal open source content management system is one of the world’s most popular frameworks for building content-rich digital experiences. With a flexible and modular architecture, the Drupal platform simplifies the task of building sophisticated websites, applications and a wide variety of other digital properties. 

In addition to powerful tools for building sites, authoring content, ensuring security and delivering reliable performance, Drupal provides a huge feature-rich ecosystem of modules, themes and distributions that provide even more resources for creating compelling digital properties. And while these options on the Drupal platform provide a great deal of choice for developers, they can also slow development timelines down. Navigating all the potential features and selecting the right modules for project requirements takes a great deal of time, effort and complex analysis.

Distributions like Acquia Lightning are designed to solve this dilemma. Distributions combine the functionality of the Drupal platform with preselected modules, themes, libraries and configurations that deliver an accelerated starting point for projects, enabling developers to get further, faster.

Acquia Lightning: mastering the Drupal platform faster


Acquia Lightning is one of the most adopted Drupal distributions in the world. As a starting point for Drupal projects, Lightning enables developers and editorial teams to leverage the best that the Drupal platform has to offer while taking the guesswork out of module selection in key areas. Ultimately, Lightning empowers developers and site builders to rapidly create Drupal enterprise sites and applications.

Lightning provides a common framework that lets developers hit the ground running rather than spending weeks familiarizing themselves with a custom framework and selecting the right modules. 



Key features of Acquia Lightning include:

  • Preselected modules and configuration to help developers build better sites faster on the Drupal platform
  • Easy-to-use tools that let developers, site builders and content authors drag-and-drop images, video and other content assets into layouts
  • Content workflows that promote collaboration to streamline processes for reviewing, approving, scheduling and publishing content
  • Media management tools that make it easy to set up a searchable media library and use bulk media upload tools
  • APIs that support decoupled applications by easily connecting Drupal with other applications and exposing data in Drupal to other systems

Advantages of Acquia Lightning for the Drupal platform

Using Acquia Lightning on the Drupal platform, digital teams can:

  • Build better sites faster: Many developers save as much as 30% in development and configuration time with the tools that Lightning provides.
  • Share page-building responsibilities: Lightning’s layout capabilities allow developers and site builders to easily move page-building responsibilities up the stack to content authors.
  • Create more compelling digital experiences: Lightning provides a curated selection of custom modules and themes along with best practices that let digital teams create some of the world’s most amazing digital assets.

More Drupal platform solutions from Acquia 

Acquia is an open source company that was founded by the creator of Drupal to provide infrastructure, support and services to organizations using the Drupal platform. Acquia solutions help Drupal scale and make Drupal easier for enterprise organizations to use.

In addition to Acquia Lightning, the Acquia digital experience platform includes:


Acquia Cloud
Providing Drupal hosting, development tools and enterprise-grade security

Acquia Site Factory
Providing the fastest way to build, update and centralize hundreds of Drupal websites on a global scale

Acquia Site Studio,
A low-code solution that speeds build development times by as much as 4x

Acquia Digital Asset Manager
A tool for managing digital assets for Drupal in a central library


Acquia also provides a suite of tools for marketing automation and personalization, and a Drupal 8 guide written by Acquia developers who are some of the most foremost experts on the Drupal platform.

FAQs: what is the Drupal platform?

What is the Drupal platform?

The Drupal platform is an open source content management framework that is used to build and optimize many of the world’s most recognized websites and digital experiences. Drupal is supported and extended by a large global community of contributors and users.

What is Acquia Lightning?

Acquia Lightning is a Drupal 8 distribution – a collection of preselected modules and themes with an out-of-the-box configuration – that helps developers to speed the creation of new digital experiences built on the Drupal platform.

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