Content management solutions (CMS) have come a long way in a short period of time. While the early content management system was tasked simply with providing static content to a website, today’s content management solutions are responsible not only for managing web content but for delivering dynamic content to a growing universe of digital experiences. From mobile apps and conversational UIs to digital signage and virtual reality platforms, today’s content management solutions must enable optimal engagement while providing digital teams with the tools to simplify workflows and the metrics and analytics to measure success.

For organizations that want to jettison legacy content management solutions in favor of more agile, adaptable and innovative technology, Acquia offers an open digital experience platform built for Drupal that helps digital teams create best-in-class digital experiences across all channels.

The challenges of traditional content management solutions

Today’s content management solutions typically leave much to be desired. Many organizations face a number of challenges when it comes to their CMS systems, including:

  • Organizations often have too many content management solutions, creating confusion, duplication and wasted effort. Often multiple solutions will be unable to easily share data with each other and will require multiple teams with different skills to manage them.
  • Content management solutions are too antiquated and no longer receive critical security patches or the support required to maintain them.
  • Older content management solutions often lack the functionality to achieve marketing and business objectives.
  • Legacy content management systems frequently have trouble integrating with other critical technologies such as marketing, commerce and CRM systems.
  • It’s often hard to meet security and compliance standards with older systems.
  • Proprietary file formats make it difficult to reuse and syndicate content, and updating content and making changes will often require IT intervention.

For organizations intent on riding the wave of change in the digital marketplace, addressing these challenges with a new CMS is essential.

Acquia: content management solutions for the world’s best digital experiences

Acquia provides an open digital experience platform based on Drupal, one of the world’s leading content management solutions. With Acquia, enterprises have the unparalleled ability to quickly deploy and manage content across multiple channels as well as web and mobile devices. Acquia overcomes the challenges of traditional content management solutions, making it easy to create, manage and publish content everywhere it needs to be.

Acquia provides a suite of content management solutions for building and personalizing digital experiences. Key features include:

Advantages of Acquia’s CMS

With Acquia’s content management solutions, you can:

  • Build best-in-class digital experiences across all channels: Acquia provides a platform and content cloud that empowers your digital teams to deliver personalized content to multiple sites and audiences.
  • Launch fast with the tools you love: Acquia enables your IT, marketing and commerce teams to build and deliver applications on their own terms.
  • Personalize with ease: Acquia’s personalization capabilities make it simple for marketers to customize content for individual visitors without needing help from IT.
  • Deliver superior performance: Acquia’s built-in monitoring and optimization tools take the guesswork out of managing performance.
  • Ensure superior security and meet compliance objectives: Acquia offers different layers of security to complement built-in security defenses. Compliance with international standards like GDPR, HIPAA and FedRAMP is validated by an independent third party.
  • Enabled decoupled Drupal architecture: With support for Node.js runtime, Acquia enables front-end developers to use their tools of choice to create content-rich experiences on any channel and device. 
  • Scale to hundreds of sites as needed: Acquia’s content management solutions enable your digital teams to build and manage hundreds of ambitious digital experiences, managing and optimizing them all on a single platform. 
  • Future-proof your content management solutions: As an ever-evolving, purpose-built CMS for Drupal, Acquia makes it easy for your CMS technology to evolve with your business needs.

Why choose content management solutions from Acquia?

Acquia’s content management solutions have enabled some of the world’s biggest brands to create remarkable digital experiences. Acquia was founded by Dries Buytaert, creator of Drupal, which means our developers have a unique perspective on the inner workings of the Drupal platform. At Acquia, we bring the same pioneering spirit of Drupal to our mission of helping the world’s most ambitious brands embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. 


FAQs: what are content management solutions? 

What are content management solutions?

A content management solution, or CMS, is an application or platform that can be used to create and manage content for websites, applications and other digital experiences. 

What are the benefits of content management solutions?

Content management solutions help organizations to deliver content for digital experiences more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. Content management solutions integrate tools for creating, editing and approving content, along with tools for managing digital assets, collaborating with other users, managing workflows and scheduling content.

What is a Drupal CMS?

Drupal is a widely used content management solution that has been used to build some of the world’s most prominent websites and digital experiences. As an open source platform, the Drupal content management system offers greater flexibility, scalability and cost-savings than a proprietary CMS, and Drupal is supported by a large community of developers, users and contributors.