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18 months

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OMRON wanted to create new customer experience value by strengthening its ability to provide solutions digitally.


The company’s electronic components website needed to be revamped to deliver more engaging user experiences without sacrificing security.

Our Solution

Drupal, Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Campaign Factory, Acquia Campaign Studio, Acquia Content Hub, Acquia Personalization


Completion of the large-scale project – renewing the website with a globally unified design and functionality and implementing marketing automation and personalization functions – took about 18 months.

The Client

Since its founding, OMRON has continued to contribute to the development of society by solving social issues through Industrial Automation, Healthcare Solutions, Social Solutions, and Device & Module Solutions. The OMRON Device & Module Solutions provides relays, switches, and other devices that serve as core components for connecting and disconnecting electricity on a global basis. 

The Situation

OMRON wanted to create new customer experience value by strengthening its ability to provide digital solutions aligned with the shift to DX. The company needed to renew OMRON Device & Module Solutions' websites in six global regions and strengthen its digital marketing efforts. 

The OMRON Device & Module Solutions website contains information on approximately 300 different components. This website is viewed by busy engineers who develop various types of equipment. In revamping the websites, OMRON’s goals were to reduce the time required for engineers to find the accurate information they were looking for, increase the information’s reliability, and enhance customer communication by acquiring customer information on the website.

The Challenge

Maintaining a high level of security and protecting personal information across a globally unified website was of utmost importance to OMRON. 

Additionally, the company’s previous website didn’t have sufficient functionality to engage in deeper communication with customers — and as the company expanded its electronic components business globally, the lack of uniformity in information for each region made website updates tedious. 

The Solution

Partnering with Dentsu Digital, OMRON analyzed its old website, identifying areas for improvement and defining requirements. The teams also implemented a globally unified design and functionality for streamlined development. As a globally unified website, it was important to ensure that advanced security measures were implemented and that the design took into account such aspects as the protection of personal information. Chosen for its reliability, the Acquia platform offers secure management on the server side and allows the OMRON team to have peace of mind and concentrate on adding value to the site. 

OMRON also implemented Campaign Studio and Personalization simultaneously in order to provide information tailored to each customer’s needs and create an innovative, seamless digital customer experience that strengthened the company’s digital marketing initiatives.

The Results

Since working with Acquia, OMRON can publish accurate, well-maintained content based on the latest product information. Acquia’s platform also allows OMRON to seamlessly and securely acquire customer information, enhancing communication efforts. 

Although OMRON’s global electronic components website was a large-scale project, the teams could renew the site and implement additional functionality within 18 months from beginning to end. 

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