How To Build Brand-Compliant Sites At Scale

We explore how to empower marketing and other stakeholders to create sites quickly, while simultaneously enabling IT to manage all sites effectively.
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On average, companies manage over 200 digital properties. Building, maintaining and optimizing all of these sites is a significant challenge and organizations face a number of difficulties with speed, cost and governance. This is why organizations who manage multiple brands and have a portfolio of digital properties need a mature "sites-at-scale" solution, like the combination of Acquia Site Factory and Acquia Site Studio.

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In this e-book, we cover:

  • Common challenges to building and managing sites at scale
  • What you need to build sites quickly at scale
  • How Acquia enables at-scale, brand-compliant site building
  • The business result of combining Acquia Site Factory and Site Studio

Download "How To Build Brand-Compliant Sites At Scale" today to learn how about the best-of-both-worlds solution for IT to deliver efficiency and scale and marketing to enjoy speed and flexibility in page building and content authoring.