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Multi-Site Management at Scale

Learn how Acquia simplifies delivering digital experiences at scale with low-code tools while maintaining governance and security.


Enable Every Team to Work Un-siloed

Deliver digital experiences at scale for multiple brands and business units. Acquia provides digital marketers with the ability to create sites with one click, build pages, and update content with no technical knowledge and gives developers and IT the ability to enforce site governance, code updates, security, and performance at scale from one central dashboard.


Acquia's Multi-Site Management at Scale solution gives marketers access to low code tools to build, launch, and edit content quickly, while also maintaining brand guidelines across the entire digital portfolio. Acquia also gives marketers access to tools like drag and drop user interface, visual editor, pre-built components and much more!


Acquia allows developers to maintain control and governance over all site management while still making it easy to grant access to other teams and contributors to update pages. Acquia gives developers access to tools that easily update code for many sites that don’t take a long time to set up, making it fast for them to launch their sites at scale.


Acquia's Multi-Site Management at Scale enables IT teams to utilize technologies that integrate with existing technologies so they won’t lose any previous work. They can also maintain security standards while architecting a platform that can share and reuse components across many sites.

Acquia Solutions That Make Multi-Site Management Experiences at Scale Achievable

Site Factory

Acquia Site Factory provides one central location to manage all sites within the portfolio. Easy set roles and permission for individual users, ensure governance across your sites and brands, quickly spin up new sites, and much more!

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Overlapping screenshots pulled from the Site Studio product interface

Site Studio

Acquia Site Studio enables non-technical users with low code tools to complete content creation with ease. Tools like drag and drop user interface, pre built components, visual page build, and more help to create, launch, or or edit digital experiences.

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months to launch 55 brand sites

40 %

reduction in maintenance costs across all sites

20 %

combined cost savings

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Acquia Solutions That Can Take Your Multi-Site Management to the Next Level

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Acquia/Widen DAM simplifies how content is organized, accessed, and delivered across digital experiences. Features like high resolution previews, governance controls, flexible metadata schemas, and much more enable teams to find and coordinate content workflows.

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Acquia Personalization allows you to personalize your digital experience for individual users. Features like A/B testing, Anonymous Targeting, Multilingual personalization, and much more help to keep users engaged.

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