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Acquia Developer Experience Details

Acquia offers powerful, easy-to-use tools to help developers create sites quickly. Our tools help you automate workflows, and monitor and optimize your sites.
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Create a Site Right Now

Jump-start your site development with our site creation tools. Use Dev Desktop and Lightning to create fully functional Drupal sites within minutes. Leverage BLT to quickly implement automated tests and sophisticated devops workflows to ensure that your application always meets best practices. 

With this expansive and flexible suite of developer tools, you can find the fastest way to get your Drupal project up and running.

Start by downloading Dev Desktop

Dev Desktop – Build locally and integrate easily with the Acquia Cloud environment with this powerful GUI tool.

  • User-friendly GUI. Simple point-and-click interface for common development tasks.
  • Native LAMP stack. Pre-packaged development environment with all of Drupal's system requirements.
  • Cloud Synchronization. Sync code, database, and files between Acquia Cloud and your local machine.
  • Debugging tools. Includes tools for debugging, like xDebug and Drush.

Lightning – Launch your Drupal project on Acquia Cloud faster with Lightning.

  • Media. Extends Drupal core media capabilities by enabling upload and embedding of audio, video (YouTube, Vimeo), images, and even tweets.
  • Layout. Use drag-and-drop tools to place and configure content on any page.
  • Workflow. Manage content using editorial workflows and scheduled publication.
  • APIs. Deliver decoupled applications faster by providing out-of-the-box APIs for content and authentication.

BLT – Build, test, and launch Drupal apps faster with a powerful and flexible CLI tool.

  • Local Git hooks. Validate code formatting, syntax, and compliance with Drupal standards.
  • Testing framework. Provides default configurations for Behat and PHPUnit testing.
  • Project automation tasks. Includes commands for tasks like syncing environments, compiling front-end assets, and executing tests.
  • Deployment artifact generation. Automates creation of production optimized and sanitized application code.
  • Out-of-the-box CI support. Preconfigured integration with Acquia Pipelines and Travis CI.

Node.js – Create and manage your decoupled Drupal app and its accompanying Node.js app all on the same platform.

Automate Your Workflow

Develop, test, and deploy faster with out-of-the-box support for continuous integration, provided by Pipelines. Integrate seamlessly with Github to trigger Pipelines builds after each commit, thoroughly testing your code to ensure you can release confidently. Use Pipelines to automatically deploy to Cloud Development Environments (CDEs) to stage changes and get approval from stakeholders.

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Pipelines and Github

Pipelines & CDEs – Leverage our continuous integration to automatically build, test, stage, and deploy code to Acquia Cloud.

  • GitHub integration. Submitting and merging pull requests on GitHub can automatically trigger Pipelines builds.
  • CDE integration. Automatically create and configure on-demand environments with Pipelines builds.

Cloud API – Use our expansive cloud API to script any actions you’d perform in the cloud, like refreshing development environments from production or deploying code.

Multiple database support – Connect your Drupal application to multiple databases to create multisite applications.

Cloud Hooks – Easily hook into Acquia Cloud events, like code deploys or database copies.

  • Sanitize databases that are copied from production to other environments.
  • Clear caches and execute database updates after deployments to production.
  • Send notifications to other services (New Relic, Slack, etc.) when cloud events occur.
  • Execute custom scripts in response to cloud events (code updates and deployments, file and database copies).


Log Streaming

Monitor & Optimize Your Application

Our tools ensure that you always know the status and health of your live application. When it’s time to debug and improve, we’ll make recommendations and provide you with all the data you could need.

Uptime alerts ensure that you’re always in the loop. Acquia Insight analyzes your application every day to measure and report on application health, ensuring that you’re following best practices for performance, security, and Drupal development.

We give you the tools to dig deep and see exactly what’s going on. Log streaming let’s you see all of your server logs in real time. If you find an issue, you can SSH directly into your servers and even edit code directly in the cloud with Live Development.

Log streaming – View traffic and error log entries in real time, then apply custom filters to immediately diagnose the cause of application issues.

  • View log messages in real time.
  • View and filter a consolidate stream of messages from Drupal, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Easily download or copy log contents.

Uptime alerts – Receive instant notifications when your site experiences an uptime issue.

  • Receive instant notifications when your site experiences an uptime issue.

Insight – Run daily checks against all of your sites to ensure they're getting a passing grade on our performance, security, and best practices checks.

Stack Metrics – Monitor platform metric trends and anomalies to plan ahead and optimize application performance.

Schedule jobs – Schedule custom jobs to do everything from a simple cron run to content imports, queue processing, and more.

Performance monitoring – Use New Relic to get all of the data you could want about your application’s performance. See information about response time, CPU utilization, network I/O, stack traces, and more.

Direct SSH access & Live Dev – Directly SSH into any of your servers to execute commands manage, debug your application, and make quick changes on the cloud.

  • SSH or SFTP access to any server.
  • Write access to your cloud servers.
  • Use xDebug to step through PHP execution on the server.

Self Service SSL – Quickly add your own SSL certificate.

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