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The power of Cloud Platform is in your terminal. Our CLI tools enable you to fully automate your development workflow by giving you terminal access to every Cloud Platform API endpoint.

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Acquia CLI

Acquia CLI gives you 200+ features to work with from the command line. Manage Cloud IDE, tail logs and run Drush commands without having Drush or Drush aliases installed locally.

Acquia CLI
Acquia BLT

A BLT that’s better than a sandwich

With Acquia BLT, you can build, test, and launch Drupal applications and enterprise-level sites faster. All thanks to flexible, efficient, and automated workflows out of the box.

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Acquia hosting is just the beginning. Build, launch, and manage secure Drupal experiences at scale without sacrificing performance.

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Streamline your development process. Don't waste time trying to set up and debug your local environment. Focus on innovating and shipping new features instead. We provide you with the ONLY cloud-based development environment for Drupal.

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