CI/CD & Deployment Automation

With Pipelines and Continuous Delivery Environments (CDEs), simply submitting a pull request can assemble your code, test it, and deploy it on a new, branch-specific environment.

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A Drupal-friendly job runner

Acquia Pipelines is tailor made to work with Drupal, and has GitHub and BitBucket support built in. So it doesn't just do the job, it does it seamlessly.

Continuous Delivery Environments

You can easily create new environments on demand through our UI or API. Integrate with your CI/CD workflow so that each branch or pull request automatically gets a dedicated environment for development testing.

Automate your Deployments

From Automated Backups to Data Cleanups and beyond, Acquia Cloud Hooks enable you automatically execute custom scripts each time code, database, or files are copied between environments.


Acquia hosting is just the beginning. Build, launch, and manage secure Drupal experiences at scale without sacrificing performance.

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Streamline your development process. Don't waste time trying to set up and debug your local environment. Focus on innovating and shipping new features instead. We provide you with the ONLY cloud-based development environment for Drupal.

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