Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Create and Manage Hundreds of Sites in One Place

Provides digital teams with the fastest way to build, update, and centralize hundreds of Drupal websites at a global scale.

Highlighted Features

Easy Site Creation

One click site creation that allows non-technical users like digital marketers to create brand and security sites, without having to involve technical resources. 

Manage from One Console

Manage and update from one place. Acquia Cloud Site Factory gives you complete control of all your sites from a centralized dashboard. 

Single Drupal Codebase

Update and maintain all of your sites from a single codebase, which means less manual work, enforced brand consistency, as well as faster, and more secure updates. 

Efficient Workflow Controls

Define roles and permissions for your team, create and duplicate sites with one click, and let Site Factory’s smart workflow tools help digital IT and marketing teams to work together more efficiently. 

Global Support

Acquia Cloud Site Factory is built to help you scale globally. Our 24/7 global support provides the industry’s top Drupal expertise whenever and whenever you need it. 

Strong Security

Managing thousands of sites worldwide with legacy systems exposes you to serious threats. Acquia Cloud Site Factory’s stringent compliance standards keep your experiences secure and up and running. 

Accelerate Your Time to Market Without Compromising

Acquia Cloud Site Factory is built to speed up your time to market, boost your brand’s global consistency, and save you money. Its workflow tools give developers greater control and governance over your digital experience while giving digital marketers the creative freedom to meet market demand, scale your brand, and accelerate your pace of business.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory Dashboard for Governing Multiple Sites

One Central Dashboard to Govern All Your Sites

Whether you manage three sites or 3,000, Acquia Cloud Site Factory gives you control of your digital experience from one centralized place. Using a single Drupal codebase allows you deploy new functions, updates, and modules across all your sites.

Instant Content Updates Across All Your Sites

Add the power of Acquia Content Hub to your Site Factory to syndicate and search content instantly across your entire network of Drupal sites. Stop performing manual updates and streamline your workflow with automated and scheduled distribution. 

Instant Content Updates
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