Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Acquia Cloud Site Factory ®

Deliver and govern multiple sites in record time

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Accelerate your time to market for new digital experiences

  • Reduce risk by ensuring sites use a common site architecture with validated code
  • Leverage templates to launch new sites at unprecedented speed
  • Test and implement changes without complicated scripts or extended downtime

Manage a portfolio of sites, driving brand consistency and minimizing risk

  • Improve security and minimize risk across all sites
  • Achieve consistent brand experiences globally
  • Automated deployment of new modules or functionality across all sites

Lower your cost per site

  • Reduce complexity and duplication of effort
  • Reduce dependency on expensive, legacy technologies which are costly to maintain
  • Deliver and support sites effectively with fewer specialized skill sets required

Acquia Cloud Site Factory ® provides you the visibility, trust, and control to efficiently govern and deploy multiple sites at scale


Acquia Cloud Site Factory ® Features

  • sf-features-agility.png

    Full Creative Agility

    Use the site building tool to achieve complete creative control or tailor to meet your unique business needs

  • sf-features-multisite.png

    Multisite Visibility

    Manage all of your sites on a single platform with full visibility

  • sf-features-codebase.png

    Secure, Single Codebase

    Create starter sites with a common architecture for increased efficiency. New functionality or modules can be deployed to all sites and are centrally governed for increased security and protection

  • sf-features-automation.png

    Powerful Delivery Automation

    Eliminate error-prone manual processes. Create sites, manage domains, clear caches and more with a single click

  • sf-features-trust.png

    Comprehensive Trust and Control

    Define roles and permissions
    for better workflow and riskmanagement

  • sf-features-support.png

    Global Support

    24/7/365 support for the application and platform with the industry’s highest level of Drupal expertise

A small group of people could power and support a large number of websites from the back end, while affording complete freedom and agility for practitioners on the front end”
Ted Ross, General Manager, CIO at City of Los Angeles - Information Technology Agency

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