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Acquia Announces New Digital Asset Management (DAM) Integration With Drupal

Accelerates time-to-market for content authors, enabling brands to achieve consistency, reduce risk, and increase operational efficiency

BOSTON—August 3, 2022—Acquia today announced a new Drupal integration with the company’s digital asset management (DAM) solution, Acquia DAM (previously Widen DAM), aimed at speeding time-to-market for content. Using the open source integration, content authors can now leverage Acquia DAM embed codes and manage versioning through the Media Library in Drupal. The Drupal Media Library has been extended so users can easily find their digital assets via search, metadata, and categories. Acquia DAM makes it simpler to organize and control assets, as well as achieve brand consistency through a centralized, cloud-based library. 

“Content is at the heart of any standout digital experience,” said Dries Buytaert, Co-Founder and CTO of Acquia. “With a variety of asset types stored across disparate systems, many content authors struggle to maintain brand consistency as they build digital properties and create campaigns. The new Acquia DAM integration with Drupal makes it easier and faster to leverage brand-approved content, so content authors can focus on launching content rather than hunting down digital assets.” 

Using the integration, content authors within the Drupal Media Library can directly access Acquia DAM and choose from multiple options to embed assets, including PDFs, videos, images, and more. Content authors can apply their Drupal Image Styles to their images embedded from the DAM system. Acquia DAM supports SEO, responsive design, and accessibility requirements. In addition, it simplifies version control around certain assets, ensuring the latest version is used across digital properties powered by embed codes. 

This integration leverages the flexibility of Drupal and allows the site builder to maintain control where desired. By hooking directly into the media entity, the integration can be leveraged via the Field Embed to respect the existing content setup. 

Using the integration, organizations can stop managing terabytes of file data for Drupal sites. Because embed codes are used and all files are managed and governed in the DAM system, files are not duplicated to Drupal storage. Within Acquia DAM, administrators control who has access to which assets for use in Drupal. They can also monitor asset use across the entire digital experience from within the DAM system, enabling them to understand the value of digital media used across channels and repurpose the best-performing assets. 

The Acquia DAM integration for Drupal Media Library is freely available to any customer using Acquia DAM and Drupal. More information about the integration and documentation is available.

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