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Build Websites Faster by Making Assets Easily Accessible

Our Acquia DAM Drupal module makes building web pages in Drupal seamless. Creative teams can manage content in the DAM system and web designers have near-instant access to approved assets in Drupal.

  • View Drupal integration links on the Asset Digest page in the DAM system to see where assets are being used
  • Configuration settings give Drupal and DAM admins control of their systems
  • User governance in the DAM system allows for permissioned asset access in Drupal

Sync Web-Friendly Assets from the DAM System to Drupal

Keep your DAM site in order. Allow web designers and creatives to work more efficiently and increase productivity.

  • Map your DAM metadata fields to Drupal fields to keep information consistent
  • Choose your syncing cadence — hourly, daily, or weekly — to keep assets up-to-date
  • Create custom metadata fields to capture Alt Text and Caption fields


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Combine the Power of Drupal and Acquia DAM.

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