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Drupal Organizer Kit for Conferences, Camps, Meetups and Unconferences

The following materials are a collection of free resources that Drupal community organizers are welcome to use when promoting Drupal at a meetup, conference, unconference, etc. If you have a resource that we should add to the list, please contact events@acquia.com and let us know how to credit you in the description. All the materials listed below are free to use. Where applicable creators are noted under the resource. Acquia does not provide funding for costs associated with producing and printing these materials.

Drupal.org Event Organizing Resources

Tips and guidelines for organizing Drupal events.

Created by: Drupal community members

Drupal Banner

The banner design is a white banner with the Druplicon image next to the Drupal text logo. Its dimensions are 6 foot x 29 inches — suitable for display in front of a table or attached to wall in exhibit booth. [download the zip archive with EPS file]

Estimated cost: $150

Top 10 Reasons to Choose the Drupal Open Source Social Publishing System

This is a one-sided, full color document. Print a handful of (laminated) copies to use at a booth table plus regular copies as handouts. [download the zip archive with PDF file]

Estimated cost: $4 each (laminated on cardstock)
Created by: Acquia, Inc.

Mini Cards

These mini cards include the Druplicon image on one side with the following questions on the back:

  • who's using Drupal?
  • where do they meetup?
  • what's the buzz?
  • what projects are hot?
  • who can I hire?
  • how can I get involved?

The back of the card includes a pointer to acquia.com/drupal-rocks — "this can be modified via the EPS file to point to your own "about Drupal" page that addresses these questions. [download the zip archive with EPS files]

Estimated cost: $30 for 500 cards
Created by: Acquia, Inc.

Book Covers

The following six book covers are Drupal books published by Apress and Packt. Print on card-stock paper and laminate.

Estimated cost: $4 per cover (laminated on cardstock)

Velodrome book coversVelodrome book coversVelodrome book coversVelodrome book coversVelodrome book coversVelodrome book covers

Birds of a Feather Promotional Flyers

This template is for quarter page flyers to promote a birds of a feather event at a conference or other event. [download the zip with EPS file]

Estimated cost: $15 for 200 flyers
Created by: Acquia, Inc.

Performance Tuning Documents

The Drupal Performance Agency is a group of independent companies and consultants who are dedicated to improving Drupal performance. [download the zip archive of 6 PDF documents]

Created by: Gerhard Killesreiter, independent consultant; Narayan Newton, of Tag1 Consulting; Jeremy Andrews, of Tag1 Consulting; and Kieran Lal, of Acquia (documentation contributor and editor)

  • InnoDB Performance Worksheet
  • Load testing worksheet
  • MySQL Tuning Worksheet
  • Optimal MySQL Performance for Drupal
  • Page Load Time Worksheet
  • Performance Checklist