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Case Study: Questex

Questex LLC Improves User Engagement with Drupal 8 and Acquia Lift

Case Study: Questex

Questex is a leading global business information company that drives business investment, innovation and demand creation for their clients.

Questex services a diverse collection of markets, including life sciences, healthcare, telecom, technology, travel, beauty and wellness, nightclub and bar, and hospitality. They offers a wide array of marketplace services ranging from event management, to digital media, e-learning, content marketing and lead generation services. Today, every aspect of Questex’s business requires a digital presence, including their industry newsletter, publication, and event websites. In order to provide their readers, attendees, and clients with an unparalleled user experience, Questex turned to Acquia and its Lift solution for personalization.

The Challenge

Questex delivers dozens of industry focused newsletters to provide their users with the expertise and insights necessary to inform critical business decisions. However, a siloed digital ecosystem lacked visibility into the customer journey. Questex needed a cohesive technical system that enabled their teams to collect and analyze user data to provide tailored customer experiences. Questex sought a new digital platform that would provide their content teams with cutting edge personalization capabilities.

The Solution

Questex moves to Drupal 8

To provide their users with the best digital experiences to date, Questex decided to migrate their publication sites from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. Questex looked to Acquia Cloud as the Platform as a Service to support the migration. With Acquia Cloud, Questex is equipped with expert Drupal development tools that are available in every environment. Questex used Drupal 8 to build fourteen of their media and news sites in addition to sixty of their event sites. With Drupal 8, Questex was able to offer marketing teams a fresh site redesign that was engaging and intuitive to use. Due to Drupal 8’s API-first architecture, Questex’s Content Management System can easily be integrated with every aspect of their technical system, including their prefered event registration service, e-learning platform, and marketing automation software Marketo®. With a cohesive technical system in place, Questex now has the ability to create content driven Drupal 8 sites that seamlessly deliver personalized ads with Acquia Lift.

Improving User Engagement

The next step was to leverage Acquia Lift to collect actionable data on users and to improve user engagement across publication and event sites. With Lift, user data is collected across all touchpoints and marketing channels, and stored in a central repository. Acquia Lift provided Questex with visibility into how users interacted with the diverse array of their digital properties. With a heightened understanding of customer preferences, Questex could begin to formulate targeted content strategies. Armed with the ability to pinpoint popular content assets, Questex can leverage content discovery platform Taboola to recirculate relative content. Questex has paired this sophisticated content strategy with Drupal 8 CMS to deliver a user experience that is fresh, engaging, and available on any device.

Questex has also leveraged Acquia Lift to deliver personalized ads. Before utilizing Lift, Questex could not display advertisements based on a user’s interests. With unified user profiles, Questex can now push tailored ads based on audience segments’ preferences. This application of personalization has not only improved user engagement but has also increased ad revenue.

The Results

With Acquia and Drupal 8, Questex now has a cohesive technical environment that is positioned to deliver personalized digital experiences across all markets.

  • Questex has realized a 35 percent increase in time on site
  • An 8.5 percent increase in the number of page sessions
  • Engaged minutes has risen over 758,000 a month
  • Click-Through-Rate for personalized ads has witnessed a 150 percent increase
  • Built in Drupal 8, all of Questex’s publication sites have maintained a page load time of 1 second

Thanks to Acquia Lift, Questex is now able to embed personalized digital experiences into all of the services that they provide.

Acquia Lift provides Questex with the actionable insight necessary to improve user engagement.
Michael Dickey, director of engineering, Questex

Company Information

Questex LLC
Questex is a leading global business information company
Founded in 2005 - Headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts
More than 400 Employees
Acquia client since 2015
Success Enabled With
  • Acquia Cloud
  • Acquia Lift
  • Drupal 8