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Leinenkugel's beer

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Leinenkugel's beer


The visual design of the site had to be updated to match the new branding that Leinenkugel’s beer was undergoing. The site, which had two separate websites (desktop and mobile) needed to be moved to a single responsive site that was optimized for user experience. Site editors also wanted to be able to do more via the content management system.


By leveraging Acquia, DigitasLBi was able to provide the content editors with a simplified way to add content to the specific page layouts desired on the website. This included specific content types and components for the “Homepage,” “Our Story,” and “Beers” pages. The Acquia platform also made it possible to quickly adjust content types and components to fit the new designs requested by the brand and the creative agency. With this ability to easily make changes, the web site developers were able to add, and update, features like content carousels, social media ingestion, and beer detail pages. All this was accomplished using a modified agile approach where design and development sprints were staggered by two weeks. The designs were created and approved before they were handed off to the development team to build.


  • After receiving the final creative, the team was able to develop the website in 6 weeks. The overall project took 12 weeks to complete, from start to finish.
  • A 50 percent increase in site traffic for mobile (from a 3-month average comparison, pre- and post-redesign)
  • Improved awareness of the new visual identity for the brand
  • A 20 percent decrease in maintenance, since two separate sites were consolidated into one responsive web site

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Leinenkugel's beer