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Case Study: AMD

AMD Puts its Products at the Center with Acquia and Drupal 8

Case Study: AMD

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a global semiconductor company that powers millions of devices around the world, including personal computers, game consoles and cloud servers. AMD supplies an extensive array of industries with graphic cards and processors for laptops, desktops and servers.

All of AMD’s products provide fine-tuned performance that not only meets the needs of their customers but surpasses them; AMD wanted to guarantee that their web properties delivered the same experience. In conjunction with the release of a new line of Ryzen™ processors, AMD looked to Acquia, and digital agency FFW , to migrate their flagship, support and shop sites from SharePoint to Drupal 8.

The Challenge

In anticipation of the release of their next generation of Ryzen™ processors, AMD needed to complete their website re-platform in under four months. In partnership with Acquia, AMD identified three goals that would determine the success of the new site:

  • Improve customer experience to ensure that new features and functionality are easy to navigate, and establish a clear user path.
  • Enhance content editor, developer and admin experience to make content entry and publishing intuitive, and reduce strain on internal teams.
  • Centralized product data and marketing content to make relevant product information and post sale support content accessible across AMD’s websites.

AMD’s previous Content Management System (CMS) had become outdated and presented a number of challenges to both system users and end-users. Internal teams were unable to build modular and flexible page layouts. Content authors required extensive technical expertise to make changes, and production specification data was being entered manually across multiple locations. Additionally, AMD’s legacy server infrastructure was end-of-life and unsupported, creating risk to AMD and impacting customer experience.

AMD needed a digital platform that would allow them to deliver a rich and responsive web experience to their customers. They teamed up with Acquia Professional Services to rebuild with Drupal 8 on the Acquia Cloud.

The Solution

When content editors can take advantage of easy-to-use interfaces for content entry and publishing, they are able to craft more engaging experiences and resources for their users. Therefore, the first step in improving AMD’s customer experience was to relieve the toll of web development on internal teams. With Drupal 8, content editors, developers and system administrators alike can leverage numerous modules and development tools out-of-the-box that reduced manual entry and increased efficiency. Drupal 8 also gave AMD control over back-end development; previously internal teams were hamstrung by only having access to the front end.

Acquia provides customers with a collection of open source tools that speed up Drupal 8 development and delivery, without compromising quality. AMD began
their Drupal 8 build by leveraging two of these development tools: Acquia BLT and Acquia Lightning. Acquia BLT is a build, launch and test development tool, while Acquia Lightning is an open source starter kit that accelerates the process of building authoring experiences in Drupal 8. With Acquia BLT and Acquia Lightning, AMD was able to jump start development by an estimated period of 2-4 weeks.

Acquia BLT and Acquia Lightning provided a springboard for Drupal 8 development, allowing development teams to quickly accelerate site redesign with tools like the Paragraph Module. With the Paragraphs Module, content authors can take advantage of flexible, responsive and modular page construction to build landing and product pages.

The Paragraph Module also enabled AMD to build pages with multiple containers. This means that full width column, two, three and fourth width column architectures can be utilized on the same page. The modular framework inherent to the Paragraphs Module enabled AMD to consolidate over 30 of the layouts employed in Sharepoint into one vertical layout in Drupal 8.

To effectively centralize product data and marketing content, AMD had to develop a entity architecture that could effectively accommodate over 1,200 products SKUs across several unique product lines. AMD used Drupal 8’s custom content entities architecture to build 12 specific content types for product pages. This allowed AMD to build cohesive product pages that included marketing content, product specifications, technologies, and the ability to shop for products all in one place.

The ability for internal teams to more efficiently control the content of has created a much more intuitive customer experience. Using the Paragraphs Module to build cohesive landing and product pages has positioned the company’s products as the centerpiece of their site. Product pages are now associated with necessary product specifications, models, and support content including software drivers. Not only does this provide consistent branding across AMD’s diverse offerings, but it provides customers with a direct path to both their products and necessary support documentation.

“As our founder Jerry Sanders said, ‘Technology for technology’s sake is not the way we do business at AMD, customers should come first at every stage,’ and this is something we take very seriously, in the digital space what my team and I are committed to and strive for everyday is putting our digital customer first in providing our users with a best in class user experience. It was important for us to equip our teams with the right tools in order to deliver on this commitment,” said Aqif Hassen, head of digital marketing operations.

The Results

With Acquia, AMD was able to roll out a Drupal 8 site to support the release of its new line of Ryzen™ processors. The first phase of the relaunch included pushing 300 landing pages in addition to 40 product pages live. AMD now offers its customers a site that is visually engaging, and serves robust product details and specifications in driving an engaging and immersive user experience. AMD’s new Drupal 8 flagship site has proven to deliver on this frictionless customer journey as users are visiting fewer than three pages a session before completing an action, such as filling out a form or buying a product. The steps required of a customer to complete this conversion is 10 percent lower than the industry average.

AMD has also witnessed strong customer satisfaction in relation to the relaunch of Typically when a brand completes a site redesign or replatform, customer satisfaction wavers because users have to adapt to a new site and navigation. However, the relaunch of has realized a 12 percent increase in customer satisfaction in comparison to industry standards. Upon launch, AMD witnessed the number of people who chose to make a purchase while browsing on the new site increase at a rate of 200%, which signals a triple-digit growth in shop conversion. Site traffic has also increased across mobile devices, new users and returning user segments.

“We put a great deal of care and effort into selecting both the right technology and the right partner for this critical project. We needed an infrastructure that was best-in-class like the products and technologies we bring to the market, and that would afford us the independence and flexibility we’d need over time. And we knew we needed not just a vendor or a service provider, but a group of industry experts to truly partner with – who were willing to become an extension of the AMD Marketing Technology team – in order to get the build done right,” said Karen West, manager of digital marketing technology.

AMD will continue to leverage Drupal 8 and the Acquia Cloud as they finish migrating the remainder of including support and shop sites along with other microsites from Sharepoint to Drupal 8.

"When we looked at our digital marketing roadmap, we identified the key attributes necessary to drive into the next generation of digital customer experiences. Those attributes were met on every level by the Acquia solution and their ability to work shoulder to shoulder with our internal teams made the process seamless and highly productive. In every way, they delivered on time and within scope," said Ron Myers, vice president of corporate marketing.

Acquia is the registered trademark of Acquia Inc. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, Ryzen, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. All other logos, company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

When we looked at our digital marketing roadmap, we identified the key attributes necessary to drive into the next generation of digital customer experiences. Those attributes were met on every level by the Acquia solution and their ability to work shoulder to shoulder with our internal teams made the process seamless and highly productive. In every way, they delivered on time and within scope.
Ron Myers
Vice president of corporate marketing

Company Information

Advanced Micro Devices
Founded in 1969, AMD is a global semiconductor company that generates over $4 billion in revenue.
9,100 employees
Acquia client since 2016
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