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Mediacurrent Helps Pegasystems Make the Transition to Drupal 8

A world leader in customer relationship management, digital process automation and business process management software, Pegasystems is the “best-kept secret” in cloud software. The company recently worked with open source development and digital marketing agency Mediacurrent to make the move from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, and shared an overview of their experience – including challenges, lessons learned and early wins – with the audience at Acquia Engage.

Mediacurrent Helps Pegasystems Make the Transition to Drupal 8

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At the time of the transition to the Drupal 8 platform, Pegasystems was in the midst of tackling a number of other projects according to Derek Gilmore, senior director of web architecture. Not only were they taking on a website redesign, but they were also integrating their proprietary marketing platform. Budget and time issues were also big challenges for the project.

“We had a timeline of six months to move Pega.com (and) we were also migrating our community website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 during that time frame,” Gilmore said.

Taking a break from business-as-usual was not an option.

“While we were doing all this, we had to keep the lights on and make sure (we could) deliver high-quality leads and traffic to the website,” he said.

Working with Mediacurrent, the teams quickly came to the realization that moving the entire Pegasystems site to Drupal 8 within the six-month timeframe would be an impossibility. To mitigate the risk of missing deadlines, they made the joint decision to run Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 concurrently, allowing Pegasystems to fully manage the scope of the project, assigning teams to move content by the deadline and effectively creating a control valve.

Transition Improves Translation

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Translations on Drupal 8

Another area where Mediacurrent’s expertise was invaluable was in the translation and localization of the updated website.

“We had so many challenges with this (translation issues) on our D7 site, specifically around the content we’re offering,” Gilmore said.

Users would decide that they didn’t want to use the literal English translation from one language to another, or users would have to manually switch between languages on the website, creating a less-than-optimal experience. Improving the experience for users, regardless of their preferred language, was a top priority.

Today, Pegasystems relies on Lingotek for its translations and Mediacurrent has built a custom administrative UI, as well as improving onsite language detection with JavaScript that prompts the user to help configure that setting.

As a result, Pega.com supports seven languages with an improved UX for people in international markets (and authors), which has led to both improved engagement and lead generation.

A Positive Experience

Asked about Pegasystems’ overall take on how the transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 went, Gilmore’s response was overwhelmingly positive.

“We had better integration with Lingotek, and we had better performance with lots of content in international markets,” he said. “Acquia is our trusted partner. We’ve been through thick and thin through all this (and) they helped us with running the two sites side by side.“

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