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Here are some of the past week's highlights from, Acquia's portal for examining the impact of digital disruption.

Building a Great DX: Start a Conversation

Bentley University’s Design and Usability Center, located just outside Boston, is a fantasy playground for a digital experience geek like me.

The center’s usability labs are equipped with one-way mirrors, eye-tracking technology, and biometric sensors for testing the emotional impact of digital campaigns.

t’s this kind of feedback that attracts global firms like Fidelity Investments, CVS, FAO Schwarz, Houghton Mifflin, and Ericsson.

It also attracted me. I wanted to talk with Bill Albert, who directs the center. Bill has spent more than 15 years on the frontiers of user interface design, information architecture, and quantitative research.

Bill is that rare quant who tends to couch his observations in the real world.

When I asked him what characterizes the great digital experiences he sees in the lab, his response was refreshingly accessible.

“What I notice about successful digital experiences is that they are really a conversation between the user and the company,” he said.

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Digital Disruption Drives Total Business Transformation

Digital is changing business as usual. And changing government as usual. And higher ed as usual. Whether you’re Timex, the State of Georgia, or Oxford’s SAID Business School, interacting with the public is rapidly changing and evolving. As organizations struggle to transform, digital strategists of many descriptions and titles are appearing on the scene to help devise strategies and achieve major organizational goals in the evolving digital environment.

Chief digital officers, and more broadly digital strategists, are tasked with paving the way for innovation in the ever-changing landscape of digital disruption. Research firm Gartner, Inc., predicts a quarter of all US companies will have a Chief Digital Officer by 2015. Searches for CDOs are up by a third according to the headhunter firm Russell Reynolds. It’s as if the board of directors at hundreds of companies decided in 2012 to issue the call far and wide for a digital messiah. But whether your brand is in the market for a CDO, the need for someone to lead digital strategy is crucial to organizational success.

And that need shows no sign of diminishing. The sense that no organization is a safe from having the rug pulled out from beneath their feet as digital changes the way we interact is one of the key reasons the position of CDO has appeared on the scene.

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Smartphones Link to Future of Commercial Robotics

Looking back to 1950’s predictions of what robots might be capable of in the year 2000 is nothing short of humorous. Unless, of course, if you’re in the robotics field, then it’s disappointing. The fact of the matter is that - besides the Roomba - consumer robotics still haven’t made a dent in most of our day-to-day lives.

In 2014, a major trend might just make the “futuristic” vision of robotics a reality, and the secret lies in the digital technology that sits in our pocket every day. Fortunately for roboticists everywhere, the “brains” of tomorrow’s robots are being honed and refined every day by the smartphone technology of Apply, Samsung, and other giant. Putting billions into developing robot sensors doesn’t present a very clear ROI for tech giants, but winning the game of smart phones does. This battle for better, smaller, faster, and more efficient sensors and processors is seen by many as the critical catalyst to the next generation of robotics - and a major transition toward the ever-connected “internet of things.”

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The White House's GitHub Experiment

The White House is using GitHub as a forum for discussing and ultimately changing government policy with hopes of bringing greater transparency to current and future legislative processes.

"Late last week, Haley Van Dyck at the Office of Management and Budget submitted a pull request that suggested small changes to Project Open data that clarify how agencies think about open source and public domain software. Pull requests are a Silicon Valley innovation. They’re typically used by software developers on GitHub to suggest and discuss changes to code.

But they’re also a good tool for tracking changes to complex legal documents, even government regulations."

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