Debunking 5 Common Personalization Myths

Debunking 5 Common Personalization Myths

Personalization is top of mind for many marketers today. But just because everyone seems to say they are doing personalization doesn’t mean they are doing it well. While automation, machine learning and marketing technology make personalization easier than it used to be, doing personalization well requires strategy and planning.

Doing personalization well is more than just adding a fancy new tool to your website, and it’s more than just A/B testing. With any digital marketing trend, personalization comes with misconceptions of its own. Let’s break these down and debunk the five biggest personalization myths in the infographic below.

Five myths of personalization

Eric Fullerton, product marketing manager, Acquia

Eric Fullerton

Lead Product Evangelist Acquia

Eric Fullerton is the  Lead Product Evangelist for Acquia's suite of open digital experience products. Eric’s passion solving for the future of digital comes from living it firsthand for the past 10 years.

Eric has been navigating the divide between people, process, and technology at small organizations and global tech giants alike as he continues his journey to excite employees and engage customers through the power of digital marketing.