Acquia Walks The Talk With Marketers At Engage Asia Pacific 2019

Engaging with your persona isn’t optimal, it’s necessary.  

And there’s only one way to do this — and that’s with empathy.

Empathy listens without interrupting. That’s what Acquia CMO Lynne Capozzi delivered for marketers in Acquia Engage Asia 2019 in Melbourne. At a gathering of marketing directors from partner agencies and other enterprise-level CMOs, Acquia opened up a safe space for frank conversations, shared concerns and lofty aspirations.

A Luncheon for the Digital Marketer

It’s clear to Acquia that marketers today are in a unique position. Acquia is the open source digital experience company that empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. And who is driving this change across organizations? In many cases, marketers are.

So huddled around a table upstairs, away from the buzz of the main conference and with hors d'oeuvres and wine, we started with a round of introductions and then kicked off a learning experience.

“We’ve prepared some slides here with collected stats that reflect what marketers all around the world say they’re facing. We can go through these and see if there’s resonance or not...we can also ditch the presentation, if you’d like! Totally up to you.” -Lynne Capozzi

It wasn’t forced or artificial. As a group, we talked through Australian sentiments on branding, the opportunities and challenges of AI and what it takes to create effective personalized digital experiences. The statistics collected from Customer Experience Trends Report Australia 2019, a report that Acquia recently commissioned, helped guide us.


Not Your Typical Atmosphere

Far from the sales-laden, pitch-driven roundtable some might expect from a corporate seminar, that’s not at all what attendees received. There’s a world of difference between talking with or talking at your persona. With a whole lot of laughter, the atmosphere was relaxed and judgement free.

A few of the highlights:

  • Digital marketing versus marketing. Why are we saying digital? This was one of the first points we discussed and the room agreed resoundingly: “What we’re doing is integrated and most everything is assumed digital…so why say it?”

  • AI in marketing is daunting. A method of leveraging customer data with machine learning to anticipate your customer's next move is easy to get wrong. If you’re looking to improve the customer journey with this technology, this should be as human and as seamless as possible — and only in context.

  • Are consumers more pessimistic about brands today? Different cultures around the world are more or less trusting and expectant when it comes to brands and brand engagement. Australians, for example, air on the side of skepticism and first impressions are hard to break.


Take the Opportunity to Engage

The topics were as diverse as they were interesting. The setting really worked.

At Axelerant, we’ve learned this ourselves when hosting Agency Leaders Dinners around the world. CXOs are seeking openness and the liveliness the Chatham House Rule brings.

If this is what Acquia has planned for marketers in future events like Experience Acquia and Acquia Engage, these roundtable luncheons are sure to be well attended. It’s an opportunity that every marketer with a penchant for reflection can benefit from.

There can’t be enough engagement around questions that continue to change. What’s facing the modern marketer in 2019? If you’re not leaning in with new ideas and new partnerships to engage on the answers in an empathetic atmosphere, then you’re missing out.


Acquia's presentation to marketers during Engage Asia 2019 can be viewed here

Nathan Roach

Nathan Roach

Marketing Director Axelerant Technologies

Nathan is the Marketing Director at Axelerant Technologies, an integrated global delivery partner that fuels digital experiences with agency affiliates and Acquia.