Data Accuracy and Acquia Lift

Acquia Lift Update: Q3 Data Accuracy Initiative

At Acquia, we consider data to be the foundation of delivering personalized experiences. That’s why I’m particularly excited to announce several updates to Acquia Lift as part of our Q3 data accuracy initiative.

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As I’ve spoken about at length, collecting the right data is a critical component of doing personalization well, and the Acquia Lift team has been hard at work delivering updates that increase the accuracy and reliability of the data we collect and report on.

These exciting updates include:

Automatic Bot Traffic Removal

To continue to provide our customers with the most accurate and actionable data possible, we’re updating our platform to automatically remove bot traffic. As a result, you may notice differences in your analytics and reporting within Lift compared to previous months. Please reference our documentation page here for more information.

Improved Geolocation Accuracy

Location-based personalization is one of the primary uses for Acquia Lift customers. With an expanding customer base in Europe, APJ, and South America, it’s more important than ever to accurately report on the geolocation of customers not just in the U.S., but across the globe. In response, we’ve upgraded our service to improve the accuracy of geolocation segmentation and reporting both in the U.S. and worldwide. Please consult our documentation page for more.

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Consolidated Profile Manager Reports

We want to make it easier for customers to understand the analytics they see in Lift. In response, we are consolidating reporting based on feedback from our customers and internal data science and customer success teams to ensure the most commonly used and valuable reports are brought to the forefront, better enabling customers to see the value of segmentation, profile management, and personalization.

Customers will see a consolidation of key reports and will experience improved navigation and a simplified reporting experience.

Lift Premium customers will continue to have the ability to create custom reports based on a myriad of inputs and fields. Please consult our documentation page for more.

You can see Q3 updates for our entire product portfolio by checking out this post.

Fortunately for our Lift customers, this data accuracy initiative is just the beginning. In addition to continuously improving the quality and reliability of data we collect, there are some big plans for Lift in the remainder of Q4 and into 2019. Stay tuned.

Eric Fullerton, product marketing manager, Acquia

Eric Fullerton

Product Marketing Manager Acquia

Eric Fullerton is a product marketing leader for Acquia's personalization and journey orchestration products. Eric’s passion solving for the future of digital comes from living it firsthand for the past 10 years.

Eric has been navigating the divide between people, process, and technology at small organizations and global tech giants alike as he continues his journey to excite employees and engage customers through the power of digital marketing.