4 Reasons why Drupal's Upcoming Layout Builder will be a Game Changer

4 Reasons why Drupal's Upcoming Layout Builder will be a Game Changer

Have you noticed the increasing buzz around easy-to-use page building on the web?

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Many content management systems, large and small, are now offering – or promising – drag-and-drop WYSIWYG tools for content authors.

As a content guy, I support this trend.

And though I admit I’m biased, I’m especially excited about Drupal’s upcoming Layout Builder, due to be released in May 2019. It promises to leapfrog all the other page builders in power and flexibility.

As Drupal founder and project lead Dries Buytaert pointed out in a recent blog post, Why Drupal's Layout Builder is so powerful and unique, Layout Builder, which will be in the next release of Drupal 8, is unique in that it can work with structured and unstructured content, and with templated and free-form pages.

Here are four reasons (three use cases and one broader commitment) why Layout Builder could ultimately emerge as the the most exciting CMS visual design tool out there.

Why Drupal's Layout Builder will be a Game Changer
One of the examples from Dries Buytaert's blog post on the Drupal Layout Initiative.
  • Layouts for templated content. The creation of "layout templates" can be used to lay out all instances of a specific content type (e.g. blog posts, product pages).
  • Customizations to templated layouts. Layout Builder has the ability to override these layout templates on a case-by-case basis (e.g. the ability to override the layout of a standardized product page).
  • Custom pages. Layout Builder can be used to create custom, one-off landing pages not tied to a content type or structured content (e.g. a single "about us" page).
  • Accessibility. A key part of bringing Layout Builder functionality to a "stable" state for production use will be ensuring that it passes Drupal’s accessibility gate (Level AA conformance with WCAG and ATAG). This holds for both the authoring tool itself, as well as the markup that it generates.

Check out Buytaert’s post for more details, and examples, of what you can expect when Layout Builder goes live with Drupal 8.7 this spring.

DC Denison

Former Senior Editor, Technology Acquia