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2013 Year in Review: The Acquia Blog

For Acquia, 2013 has been a great year. We were named as the "Fastest Growing Private Company in North America" by Deloitte and a leader in Forrester's Social Platforms Wave. Another mark of Acquia's growth and success in 2013 has been the growing participation in our blog. Our partners, employees, along with many other members of the Drupal community, have taken part in many great online conversations that have significantly increased site traffic and created a great water cooler to share all the aspects of creating a great digital experience.

For your viewing and reading pleasure, here are our top 10 blogs from 2013:

10) 4 Steps to Optimize Your Drupal Site, Increase Traffic

One of the biggest measurements of success -- and one that I live and die by -- is site traffic. In this blog post, our Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Kate Fogarty, gives some great advice on how Drupal site managers can increase site traffic.

9) Getting your site ready for Drupal 8

The Drupal 8 drumbeat has started as 2014 approaches but our own Moshe Weitzman has you covered, talking about what you need to do to get your site ready for Drupal 8.

8) Drupal How-To: Basics, tweak the defaults for adding images to your site

Looking for various options for configuring images on your Drupal site? Heather James, our Manager of Learning Services, and a perennial favorite on the Acquia blog, shows you everything you need to know. You'll see Heather's name pop up a lot on this list. Her training blogs, webinars and courses are among the popular assets visited on our website.

7) A pragmatic guide to the Branch Per Feature git branching strategy

When the Drupal Gardens project first switched from Subversion to Git, we adopted the popular git-flow branching model. While this model clearly works for a great many projects, it does not suit every workflow, and not long after we adopted it we decided it didn't suit ours. In this blog post, Senior Software Engineer Katherine Bailey, discusses the branching strategy we ended up switching to, Branch Per Feature (BPF) model.

6) A totally beginner tutorial to Views for Drupal 7

Yes, this is Heather James again! Training content does really well for our blog, generating tons of social shares and interest from Drupal users both large and small. In this blog post, Heather covers a basic introduction to Views, because after all, there are over 300 contributed modules for Drupal 7 which integrate with Views.

5) Drupal How to: Get inline images on your Drupal site

Looking for various options on how to configure images on your Drupal site? Heather James talks about ways to allow inline images, enabling your content editors to be able to put in images of all sizes.

4) 5 Surprisingly Great Examples of Responsive Websites

2012 was the year where responsive design hit the mainstream, and now responsive is a key strategy for any great digital experience. In this blog post by Acquia CMO Tom Wentworth, you'll learn about five great examples of responsive websites, from companies you might not expect.

3) Drupal How-To: Responsive or adaptive images

In this blog post, Heather James discusses the various options for responsive and adaptive images on your site. With any website, responsive design is key and by understanding how Drupal handles images will allow you to better equip your website to be a great digital experience.

2) A Look at PHP's Continuing Evolution

In this post by our partner Palantir, their senior architect Larry Garfield talks about three of the more recent additions to PHP's arsenal that help it remain the world's leading server-side language.

1) Drupal How-To: Find great beginner tutorials on Drupal 7

In this blog post by Heather James, she outlines the best blogs, videos, developer websites and podcasts that will help in your search for beginner tutorials surrounding Drupal 7. It is our best performing blog of the year and really no surprise there, as we have seen great feedback and responses from our training content.

I hope 2013 was good to you and your business and we hope that the Acquia blog can continue to deliver great content surrounding Drupal, open source and the ways you can deliver great digital experiences in 2014.

What were some of Acquia's other 2013 posts that you enjoyed? We'd love to hear in the comments!

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