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Sam Lerner

Technical Account Manager
Acquia, Inc.

Sam has worked in the Web industry since 1996 and with Drupal since 2007, and had a domain name before he had a drivers license. After contracting for several years, he joined Acquia in 2011 as a Technical Client Advisor, and was promoted to a Technical Account Manager a year later. Currently he works with several Elite-level accounts in the health care, telecommunications, finance, advertising, and engineering sectors.

He's worked with high-profile Drupal sites for a number of years, including Amnesty International,, The Smithsonian's Human Origins exhibit, and other projects with educational institutions, world-famous musicians, and media conglomerates.

He always wanted stay involved in cutting edge web technology, both professionally and personally, by seeking jobs willing to try something new but seeking the experience of the old.

And he is most definitely not a wolf.