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Nick Veenhof

Senior Search Engineer, Acquia Content Services
Acquia, Inc.

Nick obtained a M.Sc in Computer Science in the UPC, Barcelona and started to work for Acquia after an intense internship at Acquia where he improved the Apache Solr Module. He has already some years of experience in the field working for different Drupal companies and Drupal grew to one of his passions next to travelling.
When he is not in the Acquia HQ in Boston or somewhere else in the world, he is at home in Belgium (not accidentally the home of Drupal!).

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Posted on Montag, 7. November 2011, 11:35 Uhr EST
A quick and simple guide to get Drupal 7 and Apache Solr version 3.5 or higher running on your local development machine! For the ones that have been resistant in trying out Apache Solr, this is your chance. If you are running an OSX or Unix machine Mehr...
Posted on Dienstag, 1. November 2011, 11:53 Uhr EDT
Internally at Acquia we had the need to add a custom plugin to our Solr 3.4 Build. This was already developed for Solr 1.4 but since Solr 3.x is using a very different approach while building and compiling its contrib folder. I'll warn you because Mehr...