Migrating from Marketo to Acquia Campaign Studio Part 4: Integrations

See how Acquia Campaign Studio offers freedom to integrate with other technologies without the vendor lock-in of closed marketing solutions.

marketing integrations

We’ve been walking through how Acquia’s marketing team switched our marketing programs from Marketo to our own open marketing cloud, Acquia Campaign Studio. The work we’ve done has meant a more intuitive functionality, more customizable lead scoring and the ability to have greater control and visibility over our analytics and tracking.

Beyond the flexible campaign features and capabilities we get with Campaign Studio, there’s so much more potential and value left to uncover by integrating the platform with other bought or built tools. While Marketo made outside integrations complicated (or impossible), the open architecture of Acquia Campaign Studio gives our team more control over the entire user experience through the ability to connect all of our current tools and integrate with both third-party and homegrown technologies. 

Free From Integration Gatekeeping

Marketers want to drive change and innovation without having to outsource every request or modification to an outside agency. When Acquia’s marketing operations team was on Marketo, we’d need to jump through hoops and get permission from the Marketo team before we could even consider adding a new integration. Even once you’re licensed on Marketo, you still have to request their team to build a sandbox of the integration you want — you can’t just get in there and build it yourself.

Often, getting a new plug-in built for a specific use case requires a lot of contract negotiation and can result in additional fees. And there’s no guarantee that your request will even be approved. As a large proprietary vendor, Marketo is generally only likely to agree to build a new integration if there’s a lot of interest in that specific feature from other businesses who are using Marketo as well. Having to wait around to be part of a larger team’s strategic roadmap is obviously not the most agile approach to help companies like ours get out ahead of the competition. For implementations, modifying nurture streams or adjusting rules in Marketo, the process is cumbersome and generally requires you to have a dedicated Marketo “Super User” on your team. This means dedicating marketing headcount and resources for a Marketo specialist rather than someone who can bring more broad support to your team. With Campaign Studio, if your team can dream it up, they can build it without having anyone looking over their shoulder.  

Open to Tools and Opportunities 

While Marketo may have a much longer history and maturity within the marketing automation space, Campaign Studio’s open API and relationship with the open source Drupal and Mautic communities means that it can evolve at a much faster pace. During the migration process, our team was already anticipating future use cases or potential problems we’d want to solve, so we built a number of useful plugins for the Acquia Campaign Studio platform. Some of the most in-demand plug-ins we’ve now launched include integrations with Salesforce, Zoom, BrightTalk and Drift. In total, each plug-in only took about six weeks to complete! Campaign Studio connects with each technology easily and communicates between systems to help us run more unified campaigns. Plus, we’ve made all of these integrations open and available to other users as well. 

Of course, Acquia isn’t the only one able to build onto Campaign Studio. Any business or person has the ability to take advantage of the opportunities offered by an open platform by creating their own plug-ins or connecting with a third-party technology they already use. The relationship between Campaign Studio and the open source Mautic community also means that there’s a global team of skilled and passionate developers readily creating new projects that provide collective value.

Unlike Marketo, Campaign Studio isn’t confined or exclusive to a single enterprise or team of  experts. We believe innovative marketing starts with putting the power in the hands of the marketers who use the platform and letting them customize their stack, processes and teams the way they want.  


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