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Asana Rebel

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50 %

boost in email revenue

43 %

increase in emails sent per day



With health and fitness app downloads increasing, Asana Rebel wanted to more effectively convert prospects into customers.


The team’s time and resources were being spent on maintaining the marketing automation platform, when they’d rather spend it on campaign creation and optimization.


Our Solution

Acquia Campaign Studio


Following a short three-month implementation process to get up and running on Acquia Campaign Studio, Asana Rebel:

  • Increased the number of emails sent per day by 43%
  • Boosted email revenue by 50%
  • Decreased platform maintenance time from 32 hours per month to zero

The Client

Asana Rebel is a healthy lifestyle app for anyone who wants to get in shape, have more energy, sleep better, and increase their productivity. The company offers a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, including workouts, music for focus, nutrition, meditation, and music for sleep. The company’s app is available in seven languages worldwide and serves more than 800,000 active users in more than 150 countries.

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The Situation

With the global COVID pandemic closing gyms across the world, health-conscious consumers were forced to look for alternative ways to stay fit — and for many, this included downloading a health and fitness app. In fact, Statistica found that the number of health and fitness app downloads grew by 47% between Q2 2019 and Q2 2020, rising from 446 million downloads to 656 million. To stay competitive and take advantage of the market opportunity, Asana Rebel needed to convert prospects into customers effectively.

The Challenge

Visitors to the Asana Rebel website would sign up but fail to complete an app purchase, leading to lost opportunities. To combat this, the company implemented the open source version of marketing automation platform Mautic, intending to help convert potential customers into paying app users. And while the company's overall experience with Mautic was positive, it required dedicated resources to ensure consistent operation and performance. 

The Solution

Asana Rebel decided it needed to invest in a campaign automation solution that was both feature-rich and highly stable. Since it had such a positive experience using the open source Mautic solution, it began exploring and ultimately chose to implement Acquia Campaign Studio. This grants the Asana Rebel team the peace of mind that they have professional support for platform operations and could instead spend their time creating, deploying and optimizing campaigns. 

The Results

Implementation was completed in three months, and with everything running smoothly, Asana Rebel immediately started seeing benefits. Currently, the company sends 15,000 emails per day, a 43% increase. The increase in successful email sends helped the company grow email revenue by 50%. In addition, platform maintenance is no longer an issue — the company went from spending 32 hours a month on maintenance tasks to zero. Asana Rebel’s marketing team now has the space to focus on higher-value tasks like campaign optimization. 

In the future, Asana Rebel plans to use Campaign Studio emails to further improve conversion rates and customer retention.

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