ICYMI: News & Notes from Acquia, October 2019

We recap top announcements, customer stories and media drivers for Acquia over the past month.

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The news never sleeps, especially when covering the agile, fast-paced world of digital transformation. Acquia’s been making moves and creating buzz this month as we continue to release new products and expand our vision as the world’s only open digital experience company. Along with more coverage of the big Vista announcement, we continued our leadership in advocating for the growing impact of open source on the tech landscape. See what the media’s been saying about Acquia this month:

“The [Vista] deal comes hot on the heels of Acquia’s recent acquisitions of Mautic and Cohesion and is being described as another step forward in its efforts to build a holistic digital experience platform (DXP) space. The acquisition gives the martech player access to more resources, R&D funding and capabilities to scale.” 

“Robert F. Smith, who is founder and chairman of Vista Equity Partners, says that increasingly brands understand that delivering a quality digital experience is essential to their success, and he sees Acquia as well-positioned in the market to help deliver that. ‘Acquia understands this and is leading the way in providing innovative solutions to its customers while, at the same time, giving back to the open source community,’ Smith said in a statement.” -TechCrunch 


Forrester Research’s Mark  Grannan observed that there’s been ‘unicorn-level funding’ across several vendors in the CMS space, adding that “‘open’ strategies are being rewarded.” 

As Acquia continues to grow our global impact and improve our efforts to create the world’s most ambitious digital experiences, we’re staying true to our open source roots and continuing to contribute to the open source community to help build a better web for all. 

Acquia founder and CTO Dries Buytaert shared his own powerful perspective with TheNextWeb on the future impact of 5G and the need to bridge the current “digital divide” to ensure better web equality. “Building an equitable internet experience for everyone in the world can help improve economies, bring people together and even save lives. We can’t allow the digital divide to widen even further on our watch,” he wrote.

In an effort to bring more awareness to the importance of an open, free web, Dries shared his thoughts with Forbes about supporting open source sustainability and recognizing the power of open source communities. Dries stressed the importance of large open source companies offering incentives to developers who contribute to these projects. He explained, “Open-source allows for experimentation, collaboration and the ability to learn from one another’s failures... [but] a guarantee of performance, scalability, security and uptime can only be delivered through a commercial offering.”

DB echoed these sentiments in his own discussion with Forbes on offering resources and credit to the vast communities that allow open source software to succeed. “The importance of open-source development cannot be overstated: faster bug fixes and feature developments, the ability to quickly and effectively offer a global software product, and of course, the greatest benefit of all: the advancement of technologies,” said DB.

It’s been an eventful month for us here at Acquia and we’re excited to continue the momentum. Check back next month for new media placements, customer stories and announcements!

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