How to Use CDPs for Better Customer Service

June 25, 2020 3 minute read
A CDP offers valuable insights for all stages in the customer experience including customer care and customer service operations at call centers.

Customer data platforms (CDPs) aren’t just valuable for marketers. A CDP can offer valuable insights for anyone who contributes to the customer experience from advertisers to customer success teams to customer support representatives. Call center and customer service representatives are on the frontlines of customer interactions each day and have a major impact on overall business performance and long-term customer loyalty. Zendesk research found that 66% of B2B and 52% of B2C customers stop buying from a brand after a bad customer service interaction.

Most customer service agents have visibility into purchase history and previous call center interactions, but agents often lack insight into the complete picture of a customer. When agents understand details such as how customers are engaging online, in emails or in stores, plus other details such as VIP status, they can easily tailor the conversation to each unique customer. Let’s look at two examples of global brands who used customer intelligence from Acquia CDP, to increase customer retention, boost loyalty and improve overall business operations.

Turkish household appliance manufacturer, Arcelik, operates a large call center with over 2,000 agents. When customers complete a post-purchase form, agents call customers to ensure success with their purchase and upsell adjacent products and services. Acquia CDP’s 360 Profile API enables agents to gain a complete view of their customers by connecting customer details pulled from Acquia CDP’s 360 Profile with Arcelik’s customer service software, which provides call scripts for agents. The call script auto-populates with details coming from Acquia CDP, and enable the representatives to give a relevant, high value, conversation and close call tickets faster. , For example, the agents can now reference what brand and product the customer purchased, what channel it was purchased through, the customer’s home address and more. 

According to Bora Cetiner, CRM and retail analysis manager at Arcelik, “Acquia CDP gives our call center representatives the information they need to make the experience feel personalized for each customer.” After applying the customer insights from Acquia CDP to their interactions, Arcelik saw a 100% increase in additional upsell products sold during a customer service interaction. 

Customer data platforms allow brands to leverage all of their different sources of data into a cohesive and personalized customer journey at every interaction point. By giving call center representatives access to a clearer view of who they are speaking to on the other end of the line, brands can meet buyers’ needs quicker and deepen their customer relationships, transforming basic services into exceptional experiences.  

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