How Elevated Third Used Acquia Personalization for Personalized ABM Campaigns

See how Elevated Third combined ABM and the powerful personalization of Acquia Personalization to better target and engage their audiences.

When it comes to marketing, is it better to cast a wide net and try to reach as many people as possible or home in on building a few personal relationships? For many B2B marketers, there’s more value in focusing efforts on a few specific accounts and industries their organization is best suited to help, rather than attempting to appeal to the masses. Practicing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) requires a comprehensive understanding of each account’s current needs and their future behavior. Applying these deep account insights means that data needs to be easily shared across the entire customer journey — not just in the discovery phase. And once those highly valuable targets reach your site, how do you keep them there? Elevated Third, an Acquia Personalization Solutions Partner and leader in the open source space, found a better way to engage the audiences they wanted to talk to through a powerful combination of ABM and personalization.  

Acquia Personalization Accelerates ABM Efforts 

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Elevated Third wanted to maintain the momentum of their ABM efforts by offering a greater degree of personalized content throughout their entire site. To do this, they needed Acquia’s personalization tool built for Drupal, Acquia Personalization. Recently, Elevated Third’s digital team demonstrated the power of personalization in action by using Acquia Personalization’s capabilities to encourage new customers to adopt the tool in their own marketing efforts. They embarked on an ABM campaign targeting two distinct segments. The first set was made up of customers already using Drupal 8 who Elevated Third believed would benefit from including Acquia Personalization on their site. The second set was composed of customers who already used Acquia Personalization but were still struggling to get the most value out of their work.

Elevated Third leveraged Demandbase to build a targeted audience for outreach and Acquia Personalization to personalize a landing page with tailored content and calls to action throughout the site to drive engagement with target accounts. The message presented to those in the “non-Acquia Personalization customers” group focused on a “get started” with Acquia Personalization readiness offer, while the second group saw content focused on increasing the ROI of their current Acquia Personalization implementation. Elevated Third utilized Acquia Personalization’s Profile Manager capabilities internally in order to make sure their targeting was accurate. Profile Manager allowed them to base Acquia Personalization personalizations on a UTM string from an email campaign in order to show the most relevant content to each audience. Their team saw Profile Manager as the “unsung hero” of Acquia Personalization for its ability to eliminate data silos by connecting to external data sources to access key fields to use for personalization without building additional custom layers of data tools. Previous personalization attempts often presented challenges when top-of-funnel customer data was siloed from later-funnel and post-sale data.Acquia Personalization’s Profile Manager gave a more holistic view of the entire customer experience, which was especially valuable for B2B companies who typically have very long sales cycles that require months or even years to nurture. 

Success for this campaign was measured by the number of visitors who viewed Elevated Third’s contact page after being exposed to those pages that had been personalized with Acquia Personalization. This gave them a recordable benchmark by which to measure if this personalized ABM strategy had any impact on their conversion flow. Overall, Acquia Personalization generated a 43% increase of views to the desired page compared to average rates across the whole site during the same campaign period. 

Clearly, a well-executed ABM strategy and data-driven personalization make for a powerful combination when it comes to engaging the customers that an organization values most. Technology makes it possible to conduct successful account-based marketing campaigns at scale, and Acquia and Drupal’s open approach to insights and personalization via Acquia Personalization empowers partners like Elevated Third to get a unified, 360-degree view of their customers, deliver personalized content to specific audience segments and measure and understand the effectiveness of their personalization campaign efforts.

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