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Bounteous + Acquia: How to Use Existing Content for Personalization

November 22, 2019 4 minute read
How Bounteous uses the power of Acquia Personalization to personalize content on their own Drupal website.
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When working with partners, we take a problem-solving approach. We worked together with Bounteous, an insights-driven digital experience agency, to help Enterprise Bank & Trust transform its website experience with greater personalization, security and accessibility. Earlier this year, to take the guesswork out of journey orchestration and personalization, Bounteous brought to market a new suite of offerings based upon Acquia’s Personalization software solutions. In addition to helping customers with education and implementation as an Acquia Personalization Solution Partner, Bounteous believes in the power of Acquia Personalization and uses it to personalize content on their own Drupal website. In this blog, we share a little bit more about how Bounteous uses Acquia Personalization.

The Challenge:

Following a rebrand in fall 2018, Bounteous faced the daunting task of combining four companies (with four different audiences and content from each company for each of their audiences) into one cohesive brand. Bounteous needed to serve a wide spectrum of audiences with a range of services, trainings and content for both practitioners and executives from companies of all sizes and industries. Because all this content already existed, Bounteous needed a way to use this content with the right segments, instead of creating new content from scratch. Bounteous tried various tools for testing and personalization, as well as homegrown solutions, but found it difficult to leverage their existing content for personalization. 

The Solution:

Throughout Acquia Personalization onboarding and enablement, Bounteous became excited about Acquia Personalization’s content repository and its functionalities for personal data, native ranking and integrating with other systems. A native connection to Drupal was also really important to Bounteous so they can create once and use content everywhere. The next step was importing Bounteous’ existing content into Acquia Personalization’s content repository, Content Hub. With this content now available for personalization, Bounteous’ marketers can “point, click, personalize” with Acquia Personalization.  

According to Jon Meck, senior marketing director at Bounteous, “Acquia Personalization fit our process better for sustainable, long-term personalization that can be maintained with existing processes and people. Bounteous produces a lot of content and we want that to be available to our marketers for personalization.”

The Result:


Bounteous now is able to segment audiences to personalize content accordingly, and they’ve found it easy to adopt Acquia Personalization and improve the overall workflow for creating personalizations. Bounteous was able to immediately increase their testing output from running two or three campaigns at a time to more than 12 simultaneously, thanks to Acquia Personalization’s content repository, described above. Meck went on to add, “Bounteous produces a lot – I mean a lot – of content. Copying content between tools and platforms to populate marketing and personalization campaigns added unnecessary time and effort. With Acquia Personalization, we’ve been able to repurpose and reuse that content for personalization, removing redundancies and saving us over 50 hours of manual effort a year.”


“What started as a learning opportunity for us – experimenting and learning how Acquia Personalization works, pushing it to its limits and figuring out the tech guts – turned into an exercise in improving Bounteous’ site experience. Our marketing team is thrilled to be using Acquia Personalization to deliver better experiences and drive results.”



At the heart of Acquia’s partner program is the belief in being stronger together. Our goal when working with partners is joint success – championing innovation, differentiation and growth. Together, Acquia and our partners collaborate on the best solutions for our customers. In the case of Bounteous, we’re excited to have partnered together to help them elevate their own digital experience through personalization, so now they can take their learnings from using Acquia Personalization firsthand and share them with our joint customers.