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Generative AI That Promotes Safety and Confidence

March 4, 2024 6 minute read
Fear not — there are a host of businesses working to maintain a safe, accessible, and open web through gen AI.

Generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) made a big splash in 2023 with the rise of ChatGPT, an algorithm that can produce new content, be it images, video, audio, text, code, or simulations.

But did that splash pour cold water on copyright protections?

That’s what has content creators and organizations concerned. Gen AI is advancing faster than regulatory bodies can create the legislation to guide the technology’s use, prompting companies and creators to seek legal redress. The New York Times, for example, filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft at the tail end of 2023, arguing copyright infringement due to their use of millions of New York Times articles that now compete with the publication. There’s also a group of visual artists pursuing a class action suit against Stability AI, Midjourney, DeviantArt, and Runway AI, who they allege misused their work to train the companies’ gen AI systems. 

More claims are bubbling up, and given this landscape, organizations are understandably nervous about content creation and gen AI, particularly when it comes to images and videos. At Acquia, we understand this concern and continue to develop our products under the responsible AI principles — inclusivity, transparency, safety, and accountability — we hold sacred.

To relieve the worries of organizations unsure of what the future holds for gen AI and content creation, we share below some of the ways we’ve designed our products with those principles in mind. We zero in on Acquia DAM to show how responsible AI can facilitate compelling digital experiences, and we highlight partners who approach their products and services with the same care. We believe gen AI can be a positive force in the world — it can make the web more accessible through translation services that make it easier for the impaired to understand online materials, for instance — but we must ensure that we don’t exploit proprietary data in achieving that goal.

A responsible digital asset management (DAM) system

The responsible AI principles that we developed for the greater good of our customers and employees inform our product development. To illustrate how other organizations might follow that lead, we showcase here the gen AI and computer-vision features of our digital asset management (DAM) system that uphold our values of transparency, inclusion, safety, and accountability in AI.

  • Accessible, search-optimized images. People with visual or cognitive impairments rely on alt text to understand non-text content via screen-reader software that reads text-based representations of that content. Acquia DAM uses gen AI to produce those alt text descriptions to ensure organizations can easily ensure web accessibility while also optimizing images for search.
Asset reference
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  • Support for creative teams. Your teams can enjoy the benefits of gen AI too. Using the comments section of the Workflow proofreader in Acquia DAM, users can find inspiration from AI-generated copy and design ideas. Plus, the built-in AI assistant can help tighten copy, change its tone, or suggest alternative headlines that better communicate what you want to say.
  • Brand-safe, search-optimized product content. Maintaining brand consistency facilitates brand loyalty. Gen AI can support that by producing enticing, on-brand product descriptions informed by your product attributes.
  • Easily find assets. Digital asset libraries grow at a fast clip, challenging users’ ability to find what they’re looking for. AI-generated keywords help them immediately locate the asset(s), with visually similar search functionality allowing teams to find related assets that may be missing metadata. Auto-tagging is also available (with the option to translate tags into a host of languages) and organizations can access multiple AI models.
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These are just a few of the features in Acquia DAM that can hold your organization accountable to an asset’s source and copyright. As gen AI advances, we’re seeing greater innovation in DAM that helps organizations properly leverage gen AI and protect their assets. Below, we turn the spotlight on a few Acquia partners who are doing just that.

Our partners in responsible AI

As careful as we’ve been in designing products that address and anticipate gen AI issues, we’re equally heartened by similar efforts from our partners. We showcase a few below who we believe represent some of the most thoughtful actors in the gen AI ecosystem today.

Getty Images

Getty Images offers creatives, media entities, and corporations access to stock images, videos, music, and editorial photography for business and consumer use. It has partnered with AI leader NVIDIA to provide a commercially safe generative AI tool trained exclusively on Getty Images’ creative content – this means no intellectual property or name and likeness concerns and no training data concerns. In fact, Getty Images goes so far as to provide full protection and indemnification for use in today's rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment.


On the other end of the spectrum is Digimarc, whose technology protects consumers and other stakeholders from counterfeits, fraud, or misinformation; improves in-store or supply chain efficiency, including checkout; increases the quality and quantity of recycled materials; enables advanced consumer engagement; and automates error-prone manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution.

The company recently unveiled Digimarc Validate to provide authenticity and digital copyright protection, which are more essential than ever in the era of artificial intelligence. Anchored by its powerful and proven covert digital watermarking technology, Digimarc provides a multi-layered system that enables digital content owners to provide an immutable, machine-readable identifier to their digital assets.

Powered by Digimarc’s SAFE (safe, accurate, fair, and efficient) watermark detection software, Digimarc offers device and chip manufacturers and content creation platforms free access to its digital watermark embedding and detection tools for digital assets. The technology protects content creators and AI companies that value trustworthy digital experiences. Digimarc easily integrates with Acquia DAM, ensuring that every uploaded image is automatically watermarked to be traceable, authenticated, and protected.


Video is a powerful content type that can boost organic traffic by 157%, conversion rates by 80%, and brand recall by 95%, according to Zight. A partner like cloud-based video-creation platform Moovly can help brands realize such results, especially with its incorporation of gen AI capabilities such as automated subtitling and translations, as well as script-creation. When combined with a product information management (PIM) system, such as Acquia DAM’s add-on Entries feature, Moovly enables e-commerce platforms to swiftly produce product videos or video ads based on PIM-stored product data and visuals. This integration facilitates the rapid production of video content across the entire product catalog while offering a streamlined process for repurposing assets.

What’s ahead

Advancements in gen AI seem to occur almost daily. The pace of progress can be dizzying, fearful, and heart-stoppingly exciting. At Acquia, we’re firmly among the enthusiasts, but we combine our excitement with partnerships and product designs that prioritize responsible AI above all else. To learn more about how our AI-powered DAM can give your content operations a boost, watch our webinar today!

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