Drupal 9 Ends the “Drupal Isn’t for Marketers” Myth Once and For All

Drupal is not just an IT tool anymore. See why Drupal 9 is marketer-friendly and how Acquia Site Studio makes Drupal more intuitive than ever before.

If you’re a marketer and you haven’t looked at Drupal in a few years, your preconceived notion might be that Drupal is highly technical CMS with a learning curve and complexities, or it’s an “IT tool”. However, these perceptions are long out of date. With the recent release of Drupal 9, it’s important to set the record straight and prove once and for all that Drupal is a modern and powerful CMS with many advantages for both technical and non-technical users alike. It’s one of the primary reasons that Acquia, whose platform is built on Drupal, has emerged as a “Leader” in the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for DXPs.

I recently participated in a webinar, “Introducing Drupal 9: Everything Marketers Need to Know” sponsored by the Drupal Association and featuring Drupal founder and CTO Dries Buytaert, Acquia CMO Lynne Capozzi and members of Acquia’s digital marketing team. During the webinar, we addressed the common concerns digital marketers have about Drupal as a CMS. In case you missed it, let’s debunk that “Drupal isn’t marketer-friendly” myth for good.

More Content and Greater Reach in Less Time

As Drupal evolved over the past two decades, its capabilities have been shaped by a community of developers, marketers and organizations all invested in building a better solution to support their needs. The benefit of an open source content management solution- it’s not meant to serve just a single audience of “technical users” or “site builders” but to give anyone the freedom to accomplish their goals. 

The recent release of Drupal 9 was the most marketer-friendly version of Drupal yet. Here are some of the Drupal 9 features that will be most valuable to content editors and marketers as they work to design and publish more content on more channels and engage with their customers. 

1. Intuitive Content Authoring

Marketers want to be empowered to create and publish their own digital experiences quickly without having to rely on IT timelines or complex backend coding. Both Drupal 8 and 9 made enormous strides in offering an accessible, user-friendly interface that empowers marketers to create digital experiences on their own terms. Here are some of the best features for marketers in Drupal 9.

  • Layout Builder - Layout Builder lets content editors build and modify pages on the front end using drag-and-drop functions with no code required.

  • WYSIWYG Media Library - Drupal 9's WYSIWYG Media Library management system features a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that makes it simpler to categorize and organize all your media types. The updated Media Library is customizable and gives site editors the ability to collaborate on uploading and managing all of their different asset types. 
  • Claro Admin Theme - First introduced in Drupal 8.8, Claro is a responsive, accessible and user-friendly administration theme that provides a clever and easier-to-navigate interface for all Drupal users. 

2. Multilingual Capabilities

A localized content strategy is a requirement for marketers to connect with and offer value to a global audience. Drupal offers robust multilingual capabilities with over 100+ language options available out of the box. 

3. Integration Options 

Drupal currently has over 45,000 modules, plug-ins and integrations available that allow marketers to connect their CMS with other systems from social scheduling to email tools to marketing automation systems. The ability to experiment fast, evolve their systems and create a connected digital ecosystem is a must for marketers in today’s multi-screen world. 

4. SEO Benefits

Along with the push to constantly create more content comes fiercer competition for making sure that content is actually seen by the right people. When customers’ attention is limited, being at the top page of Google results is a critical advantage. Drupal addresses the importance of optimizing for search and regularly refines its SEO and meta-data features to make sure the content you create will rank high with search engines. 

Enhanced Ease of Use: Drupal and Site Studio

As I mentioned, the perception that “Drupal isn’t user friendly” is now completely outdated as demonstrated above. To service the needs of those who need an enhanced, elegant user experience right now, Acquia has stepped in to address this challenge. Enter Acquia Site Studio

Acquia Site Studio provides a low-code, drag and drop interface that enhances Drupal's core capabilities. Site Studio makes Drupal easier to use than any other enterprise CMS. Site Studio offers:

  • A drag-and-drop, visual interface allows marketers to produce and evolve responsive web pages with higher quality, in significantly less time than Drupal alone.
  • Set and reinforce brand standards and design elements through the style guide manager creative leaders can preset design elements that can be used across sites providing brand governance and creative flexibility.
  • A component-based system makes it easy to reuse content and features across various pages or sites, providing tremendous value for companies building sites at scale.

The combination of Drupal 9 and Acquia Site Studio proves that Drupal is more than a traditional CMS. Marketers and site editors who haven’t tried Drupal yet shouldn’t let old perceptions of the platform keep them from harnessing the power of Drupal.
For even more truths about the state of Drupal today and the opportunities it offers marketers, developers and business leaders alike, check out our e-book: Setting The Record Straight on Drupal Myths

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