Acquia Updates Open Digital Experience Platform: Empowering Businesses to Design Composable Experiences

Acquia believes in leveraging the open, composable architecture of our Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to create a composable enterprise.

There’s an urgent need for businesses to embrace the unknown. We’re all facing digital disruption, but rather than see this new wave of change as an obstacle, businesses instead must take the reins of a new opportunity to reimagine and reshape their current strategy. People now expect experiences that are timely, meaningful and individualized to their needs, even as those needs change in real time. To remain agile and connected to customers, brands must create content and services that are composable and available on demand. 

The world has moved on from prescribed, one-size-fits all customer journeys and siloed, web-based content. Rather than focusing on a single moment, user or channel, Acquia believes in leveraging the open, composable architecture of our Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to add enhanced capabilities that will empower our customers to embrace a new movement: an open and composable enterprise. 

Pioneering the Composable Enterprise

Since our inception, Acquia has embraced the modularity and openness that Drupal offers digital experience makers. Drupal's founding vision centered around modularity of code and content to enable developers to rapidly build, assemble and share packaged business capabilities (PBCs). The Drupal community offers a vast open source marketplace of over 45,000 modules to enable organizations to adapt to ever-changing digital demands. Acquia's vision of a composable enterprise is one where organizations can harness the power of the Drupal community to enable developers and marketers to embrace change by assembling packaged business capabilities and services into individualized customer-centric experiences. 

 We believe a composable enterprise strategy will dismantle rigid and monolithic business models and empower deeper collaboration across the entire organization to shape more personalized and contextual interactions with customers. A composable enterprise strategy offers three essential differentiators:

  1. Pivot: The ability to pivot in the face of uncertainty to meet customers where they are and embrace changes on any channel or interface.
  2. Speed: The ability to create and deploy digital experiences quickly through open, accessible content and data elements that enable faster development and can be re-used and re-assembled to meet current market needs.
  3. Scale: The ability to allow companies to grow the functionality of existing applications to meet customer demands, launch new applications and connect with other leading solutions that may emerge in the market.

With these strategic guideposts in mind, we have made several updates to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform, enhancing both the Acquia Drupal Cloud and Acquia Marketing Cloud to give every side of the business greater freedom and autonomy over how they create relationships with their customers. 

Introducing the Acquia Experience Platform

At the core of our Drupal Cloud is The Acquia Experience Platform, an all-in-one, scalable solution which powers composable, creative digital experiences that serve the needs of developers and marketers alike. The Acquia Experience Platform includes a portfolio of developer, IT operator, designer and marketer solutions together as a unified offering. Acquia  Experience Platform empowers digital experiences across the total enterprise and runs on the Acquia Cloud Platform, the only Kubernetes-native, autoscaling cloud platform in the market.   Let’s dive deeper into the new capabilities of each of these Drupal Cloud solutions. 

Acquia CMS: The Leading Agile CMS for Drupal Delivers Composable Content Experiences

Acquia’s roots are in the open source Drupal community, and we believe that Drupal sets the standard for an agile CMS. We wanted to extend the power and flexibility of Drupal to create a more versatile version that is simpler, faster and more extensible. Today, we've done just that. 

The Acquia Content Management System (CMS) is a Drupal distribution that gives marketers and technologists the control to create and deploy content and comes pre-integrated with all the capabilities in our DXP portfolio. Acquia CMS is the successor to our long-standing distribution of Drupal, Acquia Lightning with enhanced capabilities that are ready to use from day one. The  CMS provides a more intuitive marketer experience and is the best suited content platform to meet the needs of non-technical users while allowing developers to drive more innovation.

Drupal’s open content framework and composable architecture provides a modular approach to content and data — breaking down content into components that serve as the building blocks of digital experience. Acquia CMS enhances all the strengths of Drupal on top of the pre-built integrations of Acquia's Open DXP to provide unmatched flexibility, ease of use and security. The cloud-native and API-first architecture at the backbone of Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform makes it easy for organizations to embrace future innovation.

Acquia Site Studio: Composable Design Offers a More Marketer-Friendly UX

Acquia Site Studio is an intuitive, low-code solution for building and editing Drupal sites that democratizes the site-building process. Now, we’re making it easier than ever for citizen developers to deploy content to the market with two new Site Studio capabilities:

  • Site Studio Visual Page Builder: A reimagined page building experience with a drag-and-drop interface, smart components and a real time view that shows changes as you make them
  • New UI Kits: Ready-to-use set of atomic components that can be branded, modified and extended using Site Studio's low code tools


By empowering all team members with pre-packaged design elements and a more intuitive user experience, businesses can work faster to build and launch new sites and have greater flexibility in the way they assemble each customer touchpoint. 

Acquia Migrate: Accelerated Content Migration with Less Complexity 

Another way our DXP breaks down barriers to innovation is by making it simpler and faster for teams to upgrade their current CMS to the most modern version of Drupal available. Acquia Migrate is the only automated migration tool for Drupal and can reduce the timeline to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 by up to 80%. 

Acquia Migrate offers an advanced Migration UI on top Drupal's powerful Migrate API, as well as pre-built and tested content and data migration pathways built by Acquia’s Drupal experts. These migration tools make it faster and easier for any organization to take advantage of Drupal’s unmatched flexible and open approach to content management. 

Acquia Marketing Cloud: Unified Analytics and Integrated Campaign Performance Reporting Connects Data Across the Customer Journey

Acquia DXP’s open architecture makes us uniquely suited to re-architect the modern marketing cloud from the ground up, connecting all sides of the customer journey with unified customer data and analytics at the core. Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP) now allows businesses to gain even more accurate insights by leveraging a unified source of truth to connect data across Acquia CDP and Acquia Personalization. Our unified analytics supported by API-based integrations between Acquia CDP and Acquia Personalization offer more context into the full customer journey. Our approach to data is accessible to all who need it, with intuitive dashboards and reports that can be shared between teams and acted upon immediately.

Additionally, our new integrated campaign performance reporting helps marketing teams understand the true ROI of marketing campaigns powered by data across systems. These reports provide essential context into campaign effectiveness through segment-level campaign reporting via cohort analysis and detailed revenue attribution. Marketers will be able to analyze the KPIs that are most valuable to their business strategy. 

Acquia Machine Learning: Empowers Intelligent Customer Experiences 

The machine learning (ML) capabilities of Acquia Marketing Cloud act as a crystal ball into the types of interactions customers want. Acquia CDP applies predictive machine learning to understand individual customer behavior at scale, and recommend engagement strategies based on this intelligence. 

Our machine learning engine lets you scale individual customer experiences for thousands of customers. Acquia Marketing Cloud has pre-built machine learning models, clusters, and recommendations, and is built on a framework that easily enables unique configurations and custom models.To help marketers make smarter decisions faster we are introducing two new ML models: Predictive send frequency, which predicts the optimal number of times to send emails to maximize conversions, and fuzzy clustering, which allows customers to be classified into multiple segments, (for example, an individual can now be both a “discount seeker” and a “brand loyalist”) to drive more effective campaigns and nurture lifetime customer relationships. 

Privacy Compliance: Reduces Risk and Increases Customer Trust

In parallel with the explosion of new digital channels and touchpoints comes increased risk and concerns around data privacy and compliance. To ensure that brands can protect and responsibly manage customer data throughout their entire digital ecosystem, Acquia Marketing Cloud provides self-serve compliance for deletion requests as part of data privacy legislation like GDPR and CCPA. Our newest data erasure request feature, available in a UI and as an API, allows companies to easily  delete customer data for one or more individuals and review the status of previously filled data erasure requests. Having a central hub for data privacy management within your DXP provides businesses an efficient means to fulfill deletion requests and maintain trust with their customers. 

These enhancements to Acquia’s Open DXP will arm businesses with what they need to face the next wave of digital disruption with confidence and propel them forward on the path to building successful and sustainable customer experiences.

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