Acquia Engage Europe: The New Acquia Lift, Content Cloud Beta and More

June 18, 2019 5 minute read
Acquia made a few exciting product announcements at the annual Acquia Engage Europe conference.

This week in London, Acquia made a few exciting product announcements at the annual Acquia Engage Europe conference. Each year, Acquia brings digital marketing and technology leaders together at Engage to share how they’re pushing the boundaries of digital transformation.

As a company born in Drupal 10+ years ago and expanding globally, we will always keep the developers at the heart of our product portfolio. But a big shift for Acquia over the past several years has also been developing products that are easier to use for marketers and everyone on the digital team – not just those who know how to code. At Engage today, we announced the new version of Acquia Lift, a beta version of Acquia Content Cloud, an upcoming expansion of Acquia Cloud to China, the launch of Acquia Developer Studio and our recent acquisition of Mautic – the world’s only open source marketing automation platform.

All of these brand new developments play a part in furthering our efforts to empower everyone to build ambitious digital experiences.

Acquia Lift Personalization Goes No-Code

Acquia Lift, the only personalization tool optimized for Drupal, is now available as a no-code application to help marketers quickly and easily optimize customer experiences. With the new version, anyone – regardless of technical acumen – can point, click and personalize content. Acquia Lift’s new unified user interface lets marketers execute profile management, segmentation and personalization activities in a single place and launch them across a network of websites.

This is a strategic move for Acquia that supports our goal to expand our product offering not only beyond Drupal, but beyond the traditional developer and IT operator persona we have supported for years. Personalization tools like Acquia Lift and others have long required developer resources in some capacity, slowing down initiatives and occasionally causing some tension between dev, IT and marketing teams. The new Acquia Lift empowers marketers to create and launch website personalization across multiple languages – with no technical skills required – while also grantling developers access and awareness of the marketing activities taking place on a digital property.

Acquia Content Cloud Enters Beta

In addition to the new Acquia Lift, we are introducing a central content authoring product, Acquia Content Cloud, in beta that enables teams to create once and publish everywhere. At Acquia, we’ve been focused on solving content authoring challenges from day one, and we are excited by the progress we’ve made with a new, out-of-the-box authoring experience that will allow marketing and content teams to create and publish content across Drupal sites, decoupled web applications, native mobile applications and more. We’d love for customers to sign up for the beta program to test it out and offer feedback.

Like the new version of Acquia Lift, Acquia Content Cloud is a no-code application that’s designed to help digital teams reduce their maintenance and security concerns, clearly define the content and user governance experience and reduce the number of one-off or “snowflake” content structures. Ultimately, Acquia Content Cloud will give content authors more publishing options, while allowing developers to work in parallel without unnecessary slowdowns.

Acquia Cloud Comes to China

Digital transformation is happening on a global scale, and our expanding customer base needs to meet people wherever they are throughout the world. This is why Acquia is expanding our presence by bringing our flagship product, Acquia Cloud to China.

Acquia Cloud currently serves over 3,500 customers around the globe, and we will grow this reach even further by making Acquia Cloud available to China this upcoming fall. The introduction of Acquia Cloud to China will open a new landscape of opportunities for us to accelerate market growth for open source digital experience solutions in Asia.

Acquia Developer Studio Begins Private Beta

We are also announcing Acquia Developer Studio, which will make it faster and simpler for developers to build innovative digital experiences. Developer Studio gives developers powerful, flexible tools including custom docker containers for local environments, out-of-the-box continuous integration and CLI capabilities for faster testing and deployment.

Acquia Developer Studio is currently available for private beta, and general availability will be rolling out for Fall 2019. As part of our dedication to offering seamless user experiences, Developer Studio will be fully cross-platform and come equipped with integrated support for decoupled environments. Contact your account manager if you’re interested in participating in the private beta program.

Acquia and Mautic Join Forces

Last month, we published a blog announcing that Acquia had acquired Mautic, an open source marketing automation and campaign management platform. Mautic specializes in cross-channel campaign management, delivering marketing personalization wherever people are spending their time from email to mobile to social.

Together, our aim is to help marketers better engage customers and transform the martech landscape by providing a unified Open Digital Experience platform. Both Acquia and Mautic are excited about the new potential we’ve unlocked to keep creating innovative, next-generation experiences.

For even more highlights on all the dynamic panels, all-star speakers and transformative industry insights covered at Engage Europe, look out for our full roundup post on the event coming next week!

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