Accelerating Audience Data Collection for Marketing Personalization

With Acquia Lift, organizations can collect and aggregate customer data across all of their systems into a single view of their prospects and customers in one unified customer profile. Now, we’re making it even easier and faster. We’re pleased to announce an Eloqua Connector, Google Tag Manager and PHP SDK for Personalization for Acquia Lift

Personalization has become a requirement as part of delivering an exceptional digital experience for customers. However, organizations can only be successful in their personalization strategy if they understand their customers and have a complete view of their interests and behaviors.

Gaining insights on customers through profile data such as demographics or behavioral information helps marketers determine who their target personas are and how they should segment their audiences moving forward. Without the right visitor and customer data profiles, it’s impossible to understand your buyers and deliver personalized experiences across the customer journey.

Even if you have the data, oftentimes, this lives in multiple solutions – such as marketing automation, content management systems, CRM, and web analytics tools – making it extremely difficult and time-consuming to create personalized experiences for customers at scale.

With Acquia Lift, organizations can already collect and aggregate customer data across all of their systems to provide marketers with a single view of their prospects and customers in one unified customer profile – simplifying personalization efforts. Marketers can get started in their personalization efforts fast by collecting profile data and immediately gaining insight into buyer segments to see how their audience is engaging with their brand and what content assets are converting to make insights actionable and data-driven marketing personalization possible.

Now, we’re making it even easier and faster for our customers to collect and aggregate data for impactful, personalized targeting throughout the customer journey. We’re pleased to announce the following new capabilities to Acquia Lift: Eloqua Connector (in beta): To enable our customers to quickly and easily deliver the most personalized experiences to their customers, Acquia has a connector between Acquia Lift and Oracle Eloqua, currently in beta.

Marketers can augment their web data with campaign data to create segments and deliver cohesive, cross-channel digital experiences for their customers. IT can leverage pre-built integration to seamlessly connect data between marketing tools with speed and without heavy technical resources.


Eloqua and Acquia Lift

Google Tag Manager: Acquia allows customers to leverage Google Tag Manager with Acquia Lift. Tag management systems like Google Tag Manager enable marketers to easily manage different types of tags on their sites such as analytics, advertising and marketing tags.

Using Google Tag Manager, customers can easily share Acquia Lift segments, decisions and goals with other systems, and append additional visitor data and behavioral events into the Lift visitor profile - making it easier to design cross-channel experiences.

This integration with Google Tag Manager makes it simple for Lift customers to instrument visitor behavioral events of interest (such as clicks, shares, submits) and exchange data with complementary platforms. PHP SDK for Personalization: By providing a PHP SDK for personalization, developers using PHP on other platforms such as Magento or even WordPress, can easily access the rich set of APIs that Acquia Lift provides.

This makes it simpler for developers to focus on use cases like exchanging visitor data with Acquia Lift or using Acquia Lift’s APIs to retrieve decisions or segments in order to build highly customized digital experiences. Acquia Lift removes the challenges for marketing teams around having to manage customer data from different systems. With these new updates to Acquia Lift, we continue to make it as easy as possible for our customers to streamline their personalization efforts by pulling in data and taking advantage of their existing systems and campaigns.

With Acquia Lift, organizations are empowered with the personalization capabilities they need to provide a cohesive customer experience that engages their audiences and leads to conversions and bottom-line results at the right time in the customer journey.

As personalized marketing continues to shift toward data-driven customer journeys, we aim to provide organizations with a common solution and approach to speed productivity and make building personalized web experiences for customers as easy, fast and efficient as possible.

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