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The Acquia DAM Asset Digest Remodeling Plan

September 21, 2022 6 minute read
Learn more about the Acquia DAM Asset Digest updates coming in 2023.
blog graphic - The Widen Asset Digest Remodeling Plan article

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Like many of you, I’m a proud homeowner. And while I’m content with my cozy abode, over the years I’ve identified opportunities for improvement — everything from small painting projects to a large-scale kitchen renovation. 

Something similar is happening in your Acquia DAM (Widen) Asset application. We are remodeling your digital asset management (DAM) experience to make things better by improving the user interface (UI), adding new functionality, and making pages more accessible.

This is especially true for Acquia DAM’s Asset Digest page, which will have a series of enhancements in the coming months. Let’s take a look at what this entails and how these updates will simplify how you interact with content in the DAM system.

Evolution of the Asset Digest page

In 2021, we launched the Asset Digest as a new way to find and manage your assets alongside the existing Asset Details page and Quick View options. We took this approach based on customer research where we learned that users find assets through a style of information seeking called berrypicking. In this process, they make modifications to their initial search by browsing the assets in their search results. They flow between searching via search terms and clicking into groupings in the results to gain more information.

Graphic showing how information is "berrypicked" in search queries.

The Asset Digest feature supports berrypicking by allowing search to be an iterative, non-linear process. Users are able to:

  • Use related assets to uncover other relevant assets
  • Click through categories to quickly explore other assets
  • Associate assets by collections, portals, and products to view all of the assets grouped together, get a bird’s-eye view of assets, and browse other asset groupings

Our remodeling plan

Acquia DAM currently offers multiple ways to view individual assets: the newer Asset Digest page, and the legacy Asset Details page, and the legacy Quick View on search results pages.

Each display gives users access to different actions and features. We’re accelerating the development of the new Asset Digest page to fully replace the legacy views. 

Consolidated functionality

While this remodeling project includes some big and exciting additions, we’re not taking things down to the studs. There’s a lot of existing functionality that will be added to the Asset Digest display. With the appropriate permissions, users will be able to:

  • Select, delete, or archive individual assets
  • View and edit metadata values 
  • View the asset history, including edits 
  • View and manage an asset’s version history
  • Generate share and embed links 
  • View objects in greater detail, with the ability to zoom in and out
  • Add and manage alternate asset previews 
  • Attach documents

We’re bringing all of these familiar features into the Asset Digest.

New and improved features

In addition, we will introduce a range of enhanced functionality over the coming months. 

The overall design

The layout of the Asset Detail page has been redesigned to simplify the user experience and accommodate further iterations. The preview image will appear in the top left corner with all of the asset information to the right.


Screenshot of the new Asset Digest view.

Editing tools 

Users with the appropriate permissions will be able to edit asset information, like custom metadata fields, file name, categories, collections, and security settings (asset group, release date, and expiration date), from within the Asset Digest page. 

Keyword tagging functionality

Users will have the ability to add keyword tags to individual assets. Tags work in tandem with metadata fields and values to aid in findability. They can be created on the fly or eventually, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Commenting tools

Users will have the option to add comments to assets, as well as tag other DAM users. This feature can support a range of workflows, such as adding instructions for users to edit metadata or update the asset version.

Single asset analytics 

This functionality will be improved to allow users to compare downloads, views, and shares for individual assets to reveal performance trends over time. It will also include more filtering options.

Improved accessibility

As part of our commitment to building software that’s accessible for all users, the changes to the Asset Details page will be made in compliance with our accessibility guidelines

Improved stability and scalability

We're on a multi-year project of moving from a monolithic to microservices architecture. This will enhance stability across the system, including the Asset Digest, and accelerate our ability to deploy valuable updates. 

Together, these enhancements will help users find the assets or information they need, with fewer clicks. 

Next steps

As a product manager here at Acquia, I work to implement product enhancements and communicate these updates to our customers. We aim to give you a long change management runway to educate yourself, your team, and your organization to make these transitions as seamless as possible! 

To that end, the first change you’ll see is in October, when the redesigned layout of the Asset Digest page will be released. From there, you’ll see the rest of functionality outlined above in early 2023. 

After these updates are released to the Asset Digest, we’ll retire the legacy Asset Details view.

The best way to prepare for these changes is to opt into the Asset Digest experience. Simply log in to the DAM system, click on your user avatar in the top right corner, and select User preferences. From there, flip the Digest opt in to On.

In addition, we encourage you to keep tabs on our product roadmap and leave your comments for in-progress projects. All of the functionality described in this article will be added to our roadmap, along with screenshots. We also hope you will interact with the Acquia DAM community

And as always, we want to hear from you! Your voice matters a great deal in shaping the direction of future updates to your Acquia DAM experience. If you have any questions about our Asset Digest renovation, please reach out to your Acquia representative to start a conversation. Together, we’ll ensure that Acquia DAM is your forever home.


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