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Optimizing Drupal Performance - Benchmark Results

This paper presents the results of performance benchmarks for comparing several common PHP runtime environments and configurations.
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Produced with Zend. A simple Drupal-based website was set up and tested in various commonly used Windows and Linux configurations.

drupal vm

The results demonstrate that impressive speed improvements can be obtained using a variety of caching techniques and by taking advantage of Zend's optimized PHP runtime environment. Bytecode caching alone results in an over 300% speed improvement and configuring Drupal to take advantage of Zend Server's full-page caching results in over a 2500% speed improvement.

Tested runtime environments on both Linux and Windows included plain PHP, Zend Server, and open-source optimizers, such as APC and WinCache. Performance improvements were tested using the following technologies:

  • Plain PHP 5.2.10
  • APC bytecode caching
  • APC bytecode caching + shared memory caching
  • WinCache
  • Zend Server bytecode caching (Optimizer+)
  • Zend Server bytecode caching + shared memory/disk caching
  • Zend Server full-page caching + PressFlow's Drupal caching extensions

Acquia takes advantage of several of these optimizations in its Acquia Hosting and Drupal Gardens services.