Drupal 7 vs. Drupal 8: A Contrast of Multilingual Support

Josh Solomon, Product Manager, Lingotek
Gábor Hojtsy - Drupal Core Developer, Acquia

As you likely know, creating multilingual websites in Drupal 7—with its web of modules and dependencies—is not for the faint of heart. What takes Drupal 7 20+ contrib modules to support is now part of core in Drupal 8. Its 4 multilingual core pillars—Language, Interface, Content, Config—make Drupal 8 a relieving contrast to Drupal 7’s old patchwork of multilingual afterthought.

In this Tech Talk, we will:

  • Review the Drupal 7 multilingual landscape in contrast to Drupal 8’s core multilingual capabilities
  • Demonstrate how to properly prepare a Drupal 8 website for multilingual support
  • Show the traditional process of translating Drupal 8 websites
  • Explore how Acquia and Lingotek can help with the translation process for Drupal 8 websites