Why More Brands Are Adopting a CDP to Power Their Marketing

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • What a CDP is and how it fits within your marketing technology (martech) stack
  • The goals and benefits of adopting a CDP
  • Real-world results from brands using a CDP
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For many marketers, gathering and utilizing first-party data – information you own exclusively because you’ve compiled it from your online channels, including your website – is a big priority. 93% of marketers report that gathering first-party data is more important to their organization than it was two years ago.

The objective is to be able to use that data and identify the best personalized message for each customer, then deliver it on the best channel at the right time. 

Today, a growing number of marketers are adopting a customer data platform (CDP) to achieve that reality. 25% of B2C marketers already use customer data platforms, with 24% planning to adopt one in the next year.

Explore our infographic to learn more about why more brands are turning to customer data platforms to power their marketing.

CDP Infographic


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