Ultimate Guide to DXP

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • How the dramatic shift toward digital has made DXPs indispensable
  • How a DXP helps you build relationships with new customers
  • Ways a DXP can drive deeper relationships and higher lifetime customer value
  • The capabilities and features to look for when choosing a DXP
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Confronted with economic uncertainty and unexpected changes to basic business practices, brands across the board have had to rethink two key activities: customer retention and customer acquisition.

Those concepts are hardly new. What is new is how we contextualize them in today’s marketplace. The pandemic has radically accelerated customers’ move to digital, a move that has been unfolding across industries for years. Unfortunately, too many companies have just now discovered that their ability to deliver a consistent, personalized digital experience is not at all where it should be.

What these companies need is a digital experience platform (DXP). But they don’t need just any DXP. They need one featuring all the capabilities needed to create and sustain digital experiences that engage new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones.

A DXP must be able to coordinate data, content and digital channels in a way that is both easy to deploy and driven by machine learning. It must also be easy to scale while ensuring ongoing governance and security. 

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